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“Damn it! Hurry up and broadcast the episodes! Im stuck here.

Do you know that I want to kill all of you right now Theres nothing I want more!”

“What happened to our Almighty Song Could it be that he was eliminated from this program”

“Shut your mouth, please! How could our Almighty Song lose Hell definitely be fine!”

“Sob, sob! When I think of the expression of the great Almighty Song in the video just now, I want to cry.

What should I do”

“My terminal is already wet…”

The discussion on the Starnet became more and more sensational.

It was simply an uncontrollable situation!

In just this short night, the number of subscribers of the Qin TV had increased by tens of millions and the number of views had exceeded 50 million.

Some professionals predicted that just from this point alone, Qin Entertainment had already made hundreds of millions of Federation Coins, and this was a conservative estimate.

Thus, it successfully triggered another wave of excitement.

During this period of time, as long as you walked on the streets and listened casually, you will be able to hear discussion about the content of this reality show!

Haha, you dont know about this show Youre so outdated! Hurry up and go home and watch it!

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Of course, the commotion outside would not affect Mo Yang and Mo Chu who were at home.

They were finally done with the filming of the episodes, so they could take this opportunity to have a good rest.

As for Roundy, it had been in Mo Chus arms ever since she came back, and it refused to come down!


“Alright, I know youre thinking of me, so Ill go make you some delicious food now!” After resting for a while, Mo Chu smiled and pulled Roundys chubby face into her arms.

Yes, it seemed to have lost some weight after not seeing her for a few days.

Even pinching its cheeks did not feel as good as before!

She was a little tired after going to No-mans Land of District 5, but her harvest was not bad.

At the very least, she had gotten one of the meat that she wanted the most — beef!

Sigh! After consuming clear milk in the No-mans Land for four whole days, Mo Chu felt as though she had lost her stomach.

The moment she thought of the delicious taste of beef, she did not even need Roundy to urge her.

Instead, she took the initiative to walk toward the kitchen.

“Awooo awooo–” Upon hearing this, Roundy let out a few excited howls.

Hmph! I knew that Little Chu Chu loved me.

As soon as she saw that I had lost weight, she immediately ran over to the kitchen to cook something delicious for me.

Not bad, not bad! Seeing that she had such a good attitude, Ill write off the fact that she abandoned me at home!

Roundy happily shook its head and immediately hopped into the kitchen.

Although Mo Chu had left enough food for her and the Little Flying Fox before they left, it was definitely not as delicious as what Mo Chu was cooking now!

Seeing Roundys movements, the Little Flyng Fox immediately followed behind her.

In these four days, they were both pitiful beasts that had been left behind.

The two of them had established a deep friendship and were practically inseparable.

Mo Chu took out the beef and took out a portion that was relatively tender.

She was prepared to make celery stir-fried beef.

The other portion of the meat that was more tenacious was prepared to make potato stewed beef brisket.

Potato stewed beef brisket took a longer time to cook, and the method was more complicated.

Therefore, Mo Chu decided to make this dish first.

First, she cut the beef brisket into small pieces and placed them in the pot.

Then, she added water and boiled them for half an hour.

At this time, she cut the Water Weed, peeled the potatoes, washed them, and cut them into pieces.

After half an hour, she removed the brisket, rinsed it with cold water, and removed the foam on its surface.

Later, she added oil to the pot, added some pepper, and stir-fried.

When the fragrance came out, she added the brisket and added some salt and sugar to season it.

Then, she added some water to the pot.

As for the amount of water added, as long as it was slightly less than the brisket, it would be enough.

Then, she put in the Water Weed that was cut just now and brought the pot to a boil.


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