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Then, she lowered the heat and continued to simmer for an hour.

As the simmering time was relatively long, the celery stir-fried beef could be made.

The method was also very simple.

Mo Chu first took out some pickled chilies and Water Weed from the pickled vegetable jar and cut them into strips.

This celery was found in the magical plant that the previous buyer had sent over.

After washing it clean, she cut it into strips and put it aside for backup.

The cutting method of beef was a little special.

It was cut horizontally to ensure the texture of the beef without the feeling of tendons.

Then, a little salt was added to the cut beef, and she left it to marinate for about ten minutes.

Taking advantage of this time, they could wash the pot clean and use the hot oil in the cold pot to stir-fry the shredded Water Weed and chili.

After the fragrance came out, she would add the celery sections and stir-fry them slightly.

She could not use too much heat at this time, and she could not cook it for too long.

Otherwise, the celery would become soft and lose its unique crispy feeling.

Then, he would scoop them up and put them aside for use.

In addition, she would stir-fry the wok and add the soybean oil.

When the oil was heated to 50%, she would put the marinated beef down and stir-fry it until the color changed slightly.

Then, she would immediately put down the celery and seasonings that she had previously stir-fried together, and stir-fry it a few more times.

After adding a proper amount of salt to add flavor, this dish was successfully cooked.

At this moment, the beef brisket was almost stewed.

The texture of the meat had become soft, and half of the moisture had evaporated.

It looked so tempting.

Then, Mo Chu put in the previously cut potatoes and stewed them together with the beef brisket.

However, this time, the stewing time did not have to be too long.

Otherwise, the potatoes would be stewed too badly, which would completely affect the taste.

After the potatoes and beef brisket were stewed, some salt and chopped Water Weed would be added.

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As a chef, she had the advantage of being able to taste these dishes first.

Mo Chu first ate a mouthful of celery stir-fried beef.

Oh my, this meat was so tender! In addition to the refreshing celery, there was a hint of spiciness in the fresh fragrance.

This combination was simply superb!

After eating the beef brisket stewed with potatoes, the taste of the beef was rich.

The potatoes softened and absorbed the taste.

It was completely different from the previous dish, but they were all delicious.

Beside them, Roundy and Little Flying Fox drooled all over the floor.

Mo Yang was not willing to be left behind.

He had already placed the bowls and chopsticks and was waiting for Mo Chu to take her seat.

“Come, this taste is definitely different from the ones Ive eaten before!” Mo Chu added with a smile as she placed the two dishes on the table.

“Awoo awo–” This little fellow, Roundy, could not wait any longer.

Grabbing a piece of warm beef brisket, it did not care about the heat and stuffed it directly into its mouth.

After chewing a few times, its eyes instantly lit up! After that, it excitedly cried out, “Awooo!”

How can it be so delicious It almost swallowed its own tongue!

Beside Roundy, the Little Flying Fox also nodded in agreement.

The speed of its feeding was astonishingly fast, practically comparable to Roundy!

Mo Yang also had a blissful look on his face as he ate his food, the corners of his mouth curling up slightly.

During this period of time, he was in even more pain than Mo Chu.

Having gotten used to his sisters delicious food, he even felt that he was unable to eat any of the Federations food.

Previously, when he was in No-mans Land, he had gulped down a mouthful of nutrient solution and nearly vomited it out!


The taste could be said to be terrifying.

He wondered how he had managed to endure in the past.

Now that he tasted Mo Chus cooking, he instantly felt that his stomach, which had been poisoned for four days, had been saved.

He wolved down all the food.

The two huge servings of beef dishes, coupled with a big bowl of rice had actually been plundered by them in less than 20 minutes.

This eating speed was simply admirable!


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