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Mo Yang took the initiative to take on the task of washing the dishes and pushed Little Chu into the room.

“Alright, Ill do the rest.

You should take a good rest first.”

Looking at her big brothers determined expression, Mo Chu could not help but feel a warmth in her heart.

She smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Alright, after youre done cleaning up, you should also take a good rest!”

“Alright, I got it.” Seeing Mo Chu walk into the room, Mo Yang smiled and turned around to walk down.

Previously, he had stayed in No-mans Land, so there was no internet signal at all.

It was only now that Mo Chu had returned and opened the terminal that he was surprised to discover that there were several video messages in the terminal.

Oh Who was it

Mo Chu curiously opened the video and a clear image was projected onto the light screen.

Ning Yiyuans sharp and angular face appeared in the middle of the screen, his beautiful lips slightly parted.

“Dont look at the messages that are slandering you.” Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows slightly on the screen.

He seemed to be quite angry with those messages.

“They dont know what kind of person you are, so even if you have seen them, dont be sad.”

“Im here with you.” Ning Yiyuans expression suddenly became gentle, and her sharp eyes also became a little gentle.

“You will always be the best!”

Hearing his words, Mo Chus small face gradually turned red.

Didnt this person say that he had never been in a relationship before Why did he say all these romantic words

From this, it seemed that what he said before was definitely a lie.

Glaring at the man on the screen, Mo Chu bit her lip and clicked on another video.

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“You should still be in the No-mans Land, right” Ning Yiyuan sat in his office.

The light next to him was switched on, making the background feel a little warm and dusky.

He reached out and rubbed the space between his eyebrows, and he suddenly chuckled.

He looked at the screen helplessly.

“What should I do Ive thought about you many times today.

Will you get hurt in No-mans Land Will you be bullied by others Its like Im in a trance! Take a look.” Ning Yiyuan patted the pile of documents beside him, “I should have finished this today, but because of you, I havent finished half of them yet!”

Ning Yiyuan sighed lightly.

His deep gaze seemed to be able to see Mo Chus face through the screen.

“I missed you so much.

Are you doing well”

After watching the second video, Mo Chus small face was already comparable to a red apple.

Her eyes were watery, but the corners of her mouth unconsciously curled up.

Her finger clicked on the third video.

“Ive already watched this episode of the reality show.” Ning Yiyuan shook the terminal on his wrist and said, “Look, the girl I like is really lucky! Right now, most of the comments are praising you, but Im a little unhappy again.”

Hmm, why

Ning Yiyuans next words solved Mo Chus doubts.

“Youre the person I like, so how can I stand it when other people like you too Looking at the time, you should be back soon.

Although I really want to see you right away, you must be very tired after shooting the show.

Have a good rest for a day, Ill look for you tomorrow!”

With a creak, the screen turned black.

Mo Chu quietly looked at the light screen.

Her heart was beating rapidly.

She was still a little sleepy just now.

Now that she saw the video message from Ning Yiyuan, how could she still fall asleep

Her eyes lit up.

She felt that her face was burning badly.

If she were to crack an egg on her face now, it would probably be cooked immediately!

Burying her head into the pillow, Mo Chu bit her lip slightly.

Tomorrow… would Ning Yiyuan come looking for her tomorrow


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