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The next morning.

“What are you doing here” Mo Yang frowned as soon as he opened the door.

Ning Yiyuan was standing outside the door.

He had a slender figure and handsome facial features.

Every part of his body seemed to be exquisitely carved.

However, Mo Yang, who had a sister complex, felt that everything was wrong when he saw this scene.

Thats right! My Mo Chu isnt even an adult yet, and this hungry wolf wants to take her away! And just like that, he still thinks that I can give him a good impression Dream on!

Roundy, who had been forcefully dragged by Mo Yang to take a walk, was now slumped on the sofa.

When it heard the commotion, it immediately struggled to get up.

Just as it staggered to the door, it saw Ning Yiyuans figure, and its eyes immediately perked up.

All the hair on its body immediately stood up.

“Awoo!” Roundy shouted at him with a guarded expression.

Why did this person suddenly come

How would Ning Yiyuan know that he had successfully reached the top of the blacklist of “The humans Roundy hated the most”.

“Keep your voice down.” Mo Yang patted Roundys head and did not even look at Ning Yiyuan.

“Little Chu is still sleeping.

Dont wake her up.”

“Awoo!” Roundy lowered its voice when it heard that.

With the enemy outside, Mo Yang and Roundy, who usually did not see eye to eye, formed a united front.

“Whats the matter” Mo Yang turned to look at Ning Yiyuan.

Without waiting for him to open his mouth, he immediately continued, “If you didnt say anything, then it means that you have nothing to do here.

Why did you come to my house so early in the morning Hurry up and leave! Hurry up and leave!”

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Mo Yang glared at Ning Yiyuan impatiently.

He exerted force with his hand and slammed the door shut!

Poor Ning Yiyuan did not even have the chance to say a single word before he was rejected outside the door.

“Haha!” Zuo Lin, who was hiding at the side to watch the show, naturally saw the whole sequence of events.

He could not help but chuckle a few times in a low voice.

He clicked his tongue and said, “I knew that Boss would definitely be rejected when he comes back.”

He did not think that Mo Yang would give him good treatment when he openly came to kidnap Mo Chu.

“Mm-hmm!” Zhong Wen used his elbow to poke Zuo Lin a few times and pretended to cough a few times.

“What are you doing If youre sick, go use the Treatment Device!” Zuo Lin was hit for no reason, and he immediately raised his head and glared at Zhong Wen.

Seeing that this guy was so stupid, Zhong Wen sighed helplessly and pointed forward with his finger.

Looking forward, Zuo Lins arrogant look immediately froze.

Then, he instantly changed into a smiling face.

“Aiya, boss, what a coincidence! I didnt think Id bump into you here.”

They knew early in the morning that their Boss was preparing to date a beauty, so they specially came over to take a look.

Who knew that just after hiding for a while, they were discovered by their Boss.

“Coincidence What a coincidence!” Being thrown out of the door by Mo Yang and a pet, Ning Yiyuan was unable to vent the depression in his heart.

He had not expected these two fellows to throw themselves at him.

Ning Yiyuans icy cold face suddenly curved into a strange smile.

Not only did it not make Zuo Lin and Zuo Lin feel relaxed, but it also made them feel a little creeped out.

“To be able to come here and stroll around, it seems like you guys have been too free.

Why dont you guys make your way back to the army, and Ill give you guys some tasks to do!”

“No, theres no need.” Zuo Lin immediately shook his head with a pitiful look on his face.

Unfortunately, he did not receive any sympathy from Ning Yiyuan.

“Not bad, you still dare to defend yourself.

Ill read the contents of the training carefully.”

No! Zuo Lin really wanted to cry, but he had no tears.

If his Boss dragged him to a training session, he would probably have to peel off a layer of his skin!

“Oh right, Boss.” In a moment of desperation, Zuo Lins eyes suddenly lit up.

He opened the file on his terminal and showed it to Ning Yiyuan, preparing to make up for his mistakes.

“This is theThirty-Six Dating Strategies that I found on the Starnet previously.

Now, Ill give it to you for free.

How about it”


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