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Mo Chu was dumbfounded.

It was only now that he realized what Ning Yiyuan had just said.

No wonder he asked if she was willing to win.

It seemed like he was asking if she was willing to let him kiss her.

The other two couples had already begun to passionately embrace and kiss each other.

Mo Chu secretly turned his head to take a look.

Wow, they were even using their tongues! Can you still care about the feelings of the people around you

“Kiss, kiss, kiss!” The surrounding crowd also did not mind the commotion.

They even started to heckle from the side.

That high-pitched voice almost tore the roof off the house.

Under this passionate atmosphere, Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan, who were standing there in a daze, were particularly eye-catching.

Many people cast suspicious glances at them.

Mo Chu, who was standing on the stage, took a step back.

Her face was red, but she was hugged by Ning Yiyuan on her waist.

He said in a tone that could not be refused, “I asked you just now, and you said you were willing!”

“Just now, I was…” Before Mo Chu could finish his explanation, Ning Yiyuans head had already been pressed down.

Her warm lips covered hers, and they rubbed against each other slightly.

The two peoples breaths instantly fused together!

After that, another round of heckling immediately sounded from the side!

Ning Yiyuan did not listen to it at all.

All of his senses were focused on his lips.

In the past, when he saw those intimate couples, he still did not understand what it meant byrelying on ones mouth.

But now that he had done it, only then did he feel that the taste was so sweet! It was simply irresistible!

The girl that you love was lying in your arms, her eyes slightly closed, lips touching each other, feeling her breathing and ups and downs.

It was as if the two people have become one at this moment.

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Ning Yiyuans body suddenly heated up! Had it not been for the fact that there were so many people around him and that the girl in his arms was shy, he would have kissed her hard by now.

The thought of being able to push away her small lips and taste her sweetness and beauty without any scruples made him tremble with excitement!

However, now… Ning Yiyuan sighed slightly.

For the time being, this was the only way.

He leaned lightly against Mo Chus lips, not daring to take a step forward.

Even so, Mo Chu was extremely shy.

Her small face was already red beyond recognition.

Her eyes were tightly shut, and only her eyelashes were blinking non-stop.

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuans heart was moved and itchy at the same time.

After an unknown amount of time, the lips on her lips finally moved away.

Only then did Mo Chu dare to open her eyes.

Her pair of bright black eyes were slightly watery.

She looked obedient and charming.

Ning Yiyuan wanted to immediately kiss her again.

As if She could see the impatience on the mans face, Mo Chu hurriedly took a step back.

sHE was afraid that Ning Yiyuan would do something else.

“Alright, I Wont touch you anymore.” Seeing Mo Chus defensive actions, Ning Yiyuan smiled helplessly.

His rough fingers touched his lips, as if he could still feel the lingering aura and warmth of Mo Chu.

“This bit of sweetness is enough for me to savor for a while!”

“Dont say it!” Hearing this, another round of applause sounded from the side.

Hearing this, Mo Chu was both embarrassed and irritated.

She immediately pounced on Ning Yiyuan and covered his mouth with her hand.

She said fiercely, “Dont say anymore, do you hear me”

Ning Yiyuan blinked his eyes obediently, but his tongue mischievously licked Mo Chus palm.

Sigh! Why are you so naughty!

Feeling the sticky moisture in her palm, Mo Chu quickly took her hand off and walked out in large strides.

“Theres still the second round.

Are you not participating” Ning Yiyuan followed behind and asked loudly.

He still wanted her to play Who knows what would happen if she continued to play!


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