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To the majority of the netizens, recently they had nothing to live for!

It was not easy to have a wonderful reality show.

They were desperate for more, but the show was also stuck at the most critical point.

It was obvious that it made everyones imagination run wild and they could not sleep at night.

Thus, the netizens who felt the ten thousand points of malice decided to go all out.

Often in the middle of the night, they would suddenly start posting all kinds of comments.

One by one, the comment towers rose up and almost caused the front page of Qin Entertainment to collapse!

Fortunately, these two days were the time when the Spirit Food Shop was about to open for sale again.

All the major netizens had just woken up from their listless state and once again had a new goal.

Everyone, stop sleeping and get high!

It was time to race against time.

Whether or not they could snatch the Spirit Food would depend on this one move!

Every second, the netizens would refresh the front page of the Spirit Food Shop.

They were afraid of missing this once-a-month opportunity.

Every time at this time, the other shop owners could only wave their hands helplessly, they watched as the number of clicks from the Spirit Food Shop continued to climb to the peak! They felt a wave of helplessness in their hearts.

Could they compete at all With the contrast made so clear, where would we hide our faces

The other netizens did not care about their psychological activities that were comparable to a big show.

They secretly rubbed their hands.

They were both expectant and nervous, thinking that this time, they must display godlike hand speed.

They absolutely could not let other little bastards get ahead of them!

Finally, the Spirit Food Shops web page was updated!

Forcefully suppressing the excitement that surged in their hearts, all the netizens immediately began to madly click on the page.

They stared at the page without blinking.

It was time to prove their worth!

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However, in just a short five seconds, the five Spirit Foods were all snatched away.

There was another wave of wails and rolling under the web page, and thick smoke rose in all directions.

“I still havent managed to snatch it.

Why Why is life so cruel”

“The Spirit Food Shop has abused me thousands of times.

I still love it as if it was my first love.

Sob, sob… the key is, when will you be able to respond to me Dont leave me hanging every time!”

Compared to the miserable cries of the other netizens, Mo Chu was currently relaxing and smililnlg!

As she looked at the terminal in her hand, she stuffed large mouthfuls of freshly baked corn tortillas into her mouth.

Mmm, the taste was not bad.

It was soft, glutinous, and sweet.

The rich aroma of corn splattered between her lips and tongue with just a little chewing.

She was thoroughly enjoying it!

Looking at the newly popped-up order list, Mo Chu clicked her tongue.

It seemed that theres a new record in terms of speed of snatching the goods this time.

Suddenly, Mo Chus eyes focused.

She put down the half-eaten corn tortilla and leaned closer to the order.

After taking a closer look, he could not help but frown slightly.

These people… they seemed to have bought from her last time, right She could vaguely recognize their names.

Mo Chu immediately pulled up the previous purchase records.

Comparing the two sides, it was as expected.

If she let these people buy over all the goods, then what business would she still be doing Would she not become a personal supplier in disguise

After thinking for a moment, Mo Chu pursed her lips and deleted the usernames that bought from her before.

She then moved up the usernames below and posted the revised list of buyers at the top of the homepage.

Unlike in the 21st century, where a person could have multiple aliases on the internet, the nicknames of Federation citizens on the Starnet were all linked to their real identities.

A person could only have one name.

Furthermore, once they registered, they could not change it.

This also greatly maintained the order and safety of the Starnet.

Mo Chus simple action quickly caused a huge controversy.

“Eh Could it be that my eyes are playing tricks on me” At the bottom of the page, a netizen with the nameHeart is very Gentle left a message in ecstasy, “Wasnt I pushed out when I placed the order earlier Why am I still on the shopping list now Its over! Happiness has come so suddenly.

I cant accept it!”


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