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In the end, even Exalted Dai Sheng, exploded with comments, “I very much agree with the Domineering Roundys approach.

After all, something as outstanding as Spirit Food should be shared with all the humans of the Federation.”

Although his tone was a little stiff and official, the meaning behind his words won the approval of a large number of netizens.

“Well said!”

“Your Excellency, you are indeed my idol.

You are full of righteousness!”

Previously, those people had argued that the majority of the netizens were just standing there and saying things that were easy for them to say.

However, at this moment, they were immediately smacked in the face by Dai Shengs words!

When she was almost done reading, Mo Chu switched the page slightly.

Then, she passed the prepared Spirit Food to Little Flying Fox and pointed out the addresses of the various buyers to it.

Little Flying Fox, who had long been used to this activity after dinner, looked at the map carefully and memorized the specific location in its mind.

It rubbed against Mo Chu intimately before flying away with the Spirit Food.

On the other hand, Roundy looked at its little friends figure gradually flying away with a pitiful expression.

Sigh! In order to stay here, Little Flying Fox had to work as a porter once a month.

It was nowhere as relaxed as Roundy, who would just go to sleep after eating, and eat after waking up! It was simply perfect!

Roundy smacked its lips delightedly as it silently moved towards the plate beside Mo Chus hand.

It drooled as it stared at the crispy corn tortilla on the plate.

It was so fragrant, it wanted to eat it immediately…

Previously, when this corn tortilla had just come out of the oven, Roundy had already eaten ten whole tortillas.

It did not stop until its small stomach was completely round.

In the end, it had only been a short while and was eyeing the tortillas on Mo Chus plate again.

It had not even fully digested the tortillas in its tummy yet.

With a crisppa sound, Mo Chu slapped Roundys little meaty palm that was about to steal food.

She continued to stare at her terminal.

Without turning her head, she said, “Look at the size of your tummy.

You still have the cheek to steal the tortillas”

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Upon hearing this, Roundy really lowered its head and looked at its tummy.

It stretched out his claws and lightly patted it a few times, producing a hammering sound.

The hammering sound did not stop.

This little fellow seemed to have some fun as he patted it a few times in succession, not to mention, it seemed to have a sense of rhythm!

After it had played with its belly enough, Roundy raised its head and lied in a serious manner, “Ao ao–” My belly is very good, its very healthy! I could definitely eat another ten tortillas.

The sweet and soft taste was simply irresistable.

“No!” Roundys big watery eyes did not cause Mo Chu to waver at all.

She firmly placed the entire plate of tortillas to the side and shook her head slightly.

“Youve already eaten your fill for the main meal previously, so you cant touch anything else.”

Upon hearing this, Roundy rolled on the ground in a dilemma! It whimpered sadly as if to say: Do you know how sad it is to see something you cant eat

She had not seen Roundy for a few days.

She did not know where Roundy had learned the act of crying and causing trouble.

These two days, it kept on pestering Mo Chu! At this moment, it had started to put on a bitter scene again.

So be it.

However, this little fellows performance was rather careless.

Not only did it pretend to cry, it even peeked at Mo Chu from time to time.

As long as Mo Chu was looking at it, it would howl even more vigorously! If it noticed that Mo Chu looked away, its voice would immediately be lowered.

Pretending to cry also required energy, alright

After she had enjoyed Roundys crappy performance, Mo Chu slowly moved most of the tortillas into the terminal.

She only held the last one in her hand.

Under Roundys expectant gaze, Mo Chu stuffed the tortilla directly into her mouth!

Roundy was stunned for a moment.

Then, its plump face wrinkled in grievance.

You cant bully a beast like this!


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