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Mo Chu had no choice but to run out with Roundy in her arms.

If they did not leave now, they might have to buy that antique that was worth millions of Federation Coins! But in fact, it was just a yo-yo!


“Awoo–” Roundy lay on Mo Chus shoulder and looked at the shop with longing eyes.

Its little claws even gently pulled Mo Chus hair.

My ball… I want that antique ball just now…

“Be good!” Mo Chu patted the little guy in her arms.

It was just a yo-yo, right Look at your useless little face.

“When we go home, Ill go online and make you a custom-made one.

Ill make you as many as you want!”

“Owoo, awoo…” Really Really Hearing this, Roundy immediately became spirited.

When it thought of the large room full of round balls, its little face smiled like a flower.

It happily propped itself up and began to look around again.

Mo Chu took a closer look.

The antiques on this street were basically mainly tools.

There were basically no paintings or calligraphies.

Out of curiosity, Mo Chu asked Mo Yang beside him.

“Those are priceless treasures.

Why would they appear here” Speaking of this, even Mo Yang, who had always been calm, had a serious expression on his face, “For example, most of those precious cultural relics are sealed in the national museum, and only a small portion of them are still in circulation on the market.

They are also at the highest-level auction houses.

Its impossible for them to appear here.”

“Mm, so thats how it is.” Mo Chu nodded in understanding.

This point was quite similar to the 21st century.

Generally, priceless antiques were not artifacts but masterpieces.

This antique street was actually not long.

The two of them and the beast walked for more than half an hour before they were almost done.

“Awoo!” On the way back, Roundy suddenly jumped a few times in Mo Chus arms.

Its little head tilted to the side and cried out a few times.

There was something here!

With Roundys movements, Mo Chu could not help but stop walking.

Her nose twitched slightly.

This smell… seemed to be the smell of blood!

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Her expression changed slightly.

Mo Chu gave Mo Yang a look and pointed at the pile of grass beside him.

Mo Yangs gaze paused.

He walked over and pushed aside the pile of grass beside him.

With a glance, he saw a figure covered in blood lying on the side.

He did not know if he was dead or alive.

“Little Chu, wait here for a moment.” Mo Yang turned his head and reminded his own sister, “Ill go and take a look at the situation.”

“Alright.” Mo Chu nodded obediently as she hugged Roundy tightly in her arms.

Mo Yang took a few big steps towards the figure and gently pushed him a few times.

However, the man did not move at all.

It seemed like he was unconscious.

Mo Yang turned his side of his face over and placed his finger between his nose and breath.

Mo Yang subconsciously glanced at the mans face which was covered in blood.

His gaze suddenly focused and his expression changed drastically.

He carefully helped the man up, “Will! Whats going on”

Upon hearing this familiar name, Mo Chu could not help but be stunned.

She immediately ran in.

It was really him! However, Will was supposed to be in District 12, right Why was he suddenly injured and lying in District 3 Mo Chu did not care about her doubts.

She patted her brother and said, “Brother, quickly take out the Drive Machine.

We have to send Will to the medical center immediately.”

“Oh, right!”Mo Yang had recovered from his shock.

He immediately took out the drive and carefully placed will inside before rushing to the Medical Center.

Even though Mo Yang did not say anything, Mo Chu vaguely knew what her brother was thinking.

The deep friendship between the two of them could not be described with simple words.

Rather than saying that they were friends, it was more appropriate to say that Mo Yang had always treated Will as his big brother.

When they were young, Mo Yang brought Mo Chu to District 12 empty-handed.

Life was simply unbearable.

If it was not for Wills timely help, perhaps Mo Yang would not be the Mo Yang he was today!


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