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However, one of the messages caught Mo Chus attention: After consuming this Spirit Food, I have successfully advanced from tier 4 to rank 8 to tier 5.

In addition, I also feel that the body deficiency that I had since I was young has improved to a certain extent.

I dont know if its due to the effects of this Spirit Food.”

The last sentence was what attracted Mo Chu the most.

It was as if a bolt of lightning had suddenly split open the darkness, allowing her to open the door to a new world!

Before this, she had always thought that the food she made could only be used as a supplement for energy.

However, she might be able to solve some of her illnesses.

Even in the 21st century, there was a huge trend forMedicinal Cuisine, right

However, the situation of this Medicinal Cuisine was different from ordinary Spirit Food.

After all, with medicinal effects, it could only be used against patients, and not everyone could use it.

Furthermore, this required long-term and practical content.

Who knew if anyone would be willing to be a guinea pig

Mo Chu had recently come into contact with Almighty Song, so she had gained some understanding.

Although the constitution of the people of the Federation was very good, it was not without a price.

Each of them had a certain hidden danger hidden within their bodies.

Who knows when the genes in their bodies would be in a state, which would lead to a series of complications.

Song Singsongs genetic collapse disease was one of them.

Mo Chu had a bold idea.

Perhaps it was because the people of the Federation had been taking nutrition capsules for a long time that on the surface, all the nutritional indicators in their bodies had been fully satisfied.

However, the entire balance system of their bodies had been broken.

It was because of this that their genes had shown signs of instability and even cracking.

However, as long as the spiritual food was used to guide it, it might be able to restore the bodys balance system to normal.

In this way, these symptoms would naturally be cured without medicine.

However, each patients specific situation was different, so the spiritual food they needed was also different.

After thinking for a while, Mo Chu finally made up her mind.

She slightly changed the design of the front page of the Spirit Food Shop and added a section calledSpirit Food and Medicinal Cuisine.

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The netizens who had been paying attention to the Spirit Food Shop soon found out about this.

They were very interested in this empty section and left comments below.

“What does Spirit Food and Medicinal Cuisine mean Answer me!”

“Sigh, I usually ask you to read more books, but you dont believe me.

Now you know that you are uncultured.

How scary!”

“Medicinal Cuisine is a noun from the ancient culture era.

It means to improve the health of the body through the recuperation of food.”

“Thats right.

The person above is knowledgeable.

The appraisal is complete!”

“So, Domineering Roundy is preparing to use Spirit Food to treat illnesses”

“Haha, Ive never heard such a funny joke!”

“Thats not necessarily true.

When the Spirit Food first came out, didnt everyone make fun of it Now, its a craze.

Anyway, Im a loyal fan of Domineering Roundy.

No matter what you do, Ill support you!”

Soon, Domineering Roundy made a comment under the Spirit Food and Medicinal Cuisine section.

“This is a new attempt by our shop.

Its currently at the theoretical stage.

We need to recruit a volunteer.

Anyone with a difficult and complicated illness will receive free treatment.

However, during the treatment period, we need to cooperate with the shops arrangements.

If theres any violation, you will immediately be blacklisted by our shop.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the shop owner, Domineering Roundy, activated the function of this section.

However, it was different from the previous situation where it was full.

This section was silent and no one applied for it for a long time.

After all, the shop owner had already said that this effect could not be guaranteed.

Who would dare to drag their own lives into it


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