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“Alright.” Mo Yang thought for a moment before nodding his head in agreement.

As for Roundy and Little Flying Fox, they might as well stay at home to look after the house.

The Magical Regions in District 3 were generally less common, and the danger factor was also very low.

Mo Yang was already at tier 7, and could be considered a first-rate expert.

Although Mo Chu was lower in rank than him, her actual combat ability was not much inferior.

Hence, when the pitiful Jumping Beast encountered these two people, it was a completely subversive destruction.

The moment they entered the Magical Region, Mo Chu and Mo Yang activated their cold-blooded mode.

Whenever they encountered Jumping Beasts, they did not say a word and directly attacked.

Their actions were swift and fierce, killing them in one strike! For a moment, the entire Magical Region was in chaos.

When the usually pampered Jumping Beast saw the two of them, its small eyes looked as if it had met a great God of Death.

They tried to jump away immediately.

Of course, other than catching the Jumping Beast, Mo Chu was also prepared to try and see if her recent training had improved.

At this time, Mo Yang would not join in.

He would only quietly watch from the side with a slightly proud look in his eyes.

Not bad! Although it had been a while since she had made a move, Little Chu had not retreated in the slightest.

Not only that, she had also improved.

Whether it was her judgment, decision-making, or the speed of her movements, they were all much faster than before, and this was a crucial point in the Magical Region!

Although he really did not want to say this, Mo Yang had to thank Ning Yiyuan.

If it was not for his iron-blooded methods of training Mo Chu, the effect might not have been so good.

Right now, Mo Chu was facing a tier 6 magical beast.

It had always been known for its ferocity and brutality.

However, against Mo Chu, the woman and the beast were on par.

Mo Chu had a very big advantage, which was that her brain reacted very quickly.

It was as if she could see ten things at once.

Usually, it would not take long for her to see through the magical beasts weak point and then launch a fierce attack.

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After about 10 minutes of fighting, Mo Chus eyes suddenly lit up.

This small action indicated that she had already discovered the magical beasts weak point.

As expected, her hands shot out water blades one after another, all of them pierced towards a corner of the magical beasts head.

The magical beast that was previously invulnerable was now deeply pierced by a few water blades.

Fresh blood suddenly burst out!

The magical beast struggled a few times unwillingly.

In the end, it bled out and collapsed to the ground, exhausted.

Very quickly, it stopped breathing.

Mo Chu had unknowingly developed a habit ofpicking things up.

she would always put all the magical plants and magical beasts she killed into the terminal, regardless of whether they could be used or not.

Fortunately, the terminal that Mo Yang had prepared for her back then was big enough.

Otherwise, it would have been filled up long ago, right

This trip to the Magical Region had taken an entire day.

Apart from bringing back a large number of Jumping Beasts, the two of them had also brought back quite a number of new species of magical plants and magical beasts.

However, Mo Chu did not have the time to take care of it at the moment.

She could only put them aside and prepare to make this kelp-stewed chicken soup first.

Mo Chu first processed the kelp that District 9 had sent over and removed the parts that could not be eaten.

Then, she cut the remaining kelp into diamond-shaped pieces.

As for the task of removing the fur and meat of the Jumping Beast, she left it to Mo Yang.

Although it was his first time doing it, Mo Yangs movements were very agile.

At least, the effect was much better than the first time he cooked.

She cut the chicken that Mo Yang prepared into pieces and washed them with hot water.

Then, she cut the chicken and Water Weed into sections.

First, Mo Chu put water in the pot.

After he cut the chicken into pieces, she increased the heat and boiled it.

Then, she skimmed off the foam on the surface and turned it to the side.

Then, she refined the chicken oil in the pot.

Then, she poured in the chicken pieces that had just been boiled and stir-fried them.

She added pepper, salt, and water plants and continued to stir-fry them.

Later, more water was added and boiled for 10 minutes.


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