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The chicken was then stewed at a low temperature for an hour.

When the chicken was slightly soft, the sliced seaweed was put in and stewed together.

After another hour or so, the chicken was stewed until it was rotten.

The seaweed still retained its tenacity and fragrance.

Finally, a little salt was added to stir up the flavor.


Mo Chu took advantage of the hot air to take a taste.

The strong and unique fragrance of the chicken soup had been thoroughly boiled out.

She did not know what the Jumping Beast usually ate.

The meat was soft and tender, as if it would melt in the mouth.

In addition to the fresh taste of the kelp, it was simply incredible!

The man and the two beasts at the side stared and drooled.

After they had eaten and drunk their fill, Little Flying Fox began its work as a courier again, delivering the remaining bowl of chicken soup to the home ofLife Without Pain.

For a whole week, all the netizens paid attention to the newly created section of the Spirit Food Shop — Spirit Food and Medicinal Cuisine.

Then, they witnessed a miracle with their own eyes.

They did not know what kind of medicine the shop owner,Domineering Roundy, had given to that patient.

On the photos he uploaded every day, they could clearly see the changes, the terrifying swelling was actually shrinking bit by bit.

In the end, it was only half its original size!

‘Life Without Pain had also become a die-hard fan of the Spirit Food Shop.

His words were filled with gratitude and respect for the shop owner.

One had to know, if not forDomineering Roundy, he might have already died a sad death!

“Could this be a fake” Even though they had witnessed it with their own eyes, this treatment method was still unbelievable.

There were still a large number of people who did not dare to believe it.

“Is there a problem with this picture”

Very soon, a netizen obsessed with the truth surfaced and verified the authenticity of these few pictures from various aspects.

In the end, he concluded that there was no fake! In other words, the effects of this Medicinal Cuisine were real.

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“Oh my God, this is terrifying!” The netizens exclaimed one after another.

The Spirit Food that had just arrived had already caused the entire Federation to tremble.

Now, this Domineering Roundy actually came up with Medicinal Cuisine.

It specialized in treating difficult and miscellaneous diseases.

was this the rhythm of someone preparing to turn the entire Federation upside down


‘Please Call Me King, this brat, had been silent for a period of time.

At this moment, he appeared again.

“Seeing such explosive news, he is indeed worthy of being my idol.

It cant be any better!”

“Thats right.

From today onwards, I officially announce thatDomineering Roundy has been added to my idol list!”

“Of course, do you even need to say that”

Not to mention the ordinary netizens, even the medical experts came out after hearing the news.

They were all ready to seek advice fromDomineering Roundy.

One had to know that although the incidence of thisbig neck disease was not high, there were still quite a number of patients who died from this disease every year.

The number of patients who were able to recover could be counted on ones fingers.

In the end, there was a truly successful case right in front of their eyes, those medical experts who were obsessed with medicine had long thrown away their previous reservations and left comments below.

Some of them even crazily messaged Domineering Roundys private messages, asking for advice and communication!

The terminal rang non-stop.

Mo Chu was helpless.

In the end, she could only silently turn off the private message function to add friends.

She turned her head to look at Will, who had already woken up.

The previously cheeky and handsome man seemed to have lost his joy.

Instead, it was replaced by a thick sense of sadness and grief.

“Hey! Kid, say something!” Mo Yang fiercely hammered his shoulder, his eyes filled with grief.

He had never seen Will like this before.

“Could it be that I risked my life to save a piece of wood”


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