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“Brother,” Mo Chu shook her head at him.

Although the wounds on Wills body had healed, the wounds in the bottom of his heart would probably take some time to slowly heal.

However, his current state was really worrying.

She could not help but ask softly, “Will, why did you suddenly come to District 3 is your family here”

Unexpectedly, Will, who had been silent the entire time, suddenly trembled when he heard this.

His eyes revealed a tinge of pain.

Upon seeing this, Mo Chu and Mo Yangs eyes met.

Theres a hint!

“Will, you didnt say anything.

How can we help you” Mo Yang lowered his head and laughed bitterly, “Do you think that Im not of much use Thats true.

Mo Chu and I are just two people.

Were outnumbered.

Its only right that you look down on us…”

Back in District 12, Mo Yang had already realized that Will was definitely not someone from an ordinary family.

He had given away the precious Purple Deer Bracelet just like that, and his usual aura was also very different from the others.

However, it was covered by his smiling face.

Hearing this, Will finally had a reaction.

He hurriedly turned his head to look at Mo Yang, and his long silent voice was slightly hoarse.

“No, its not like that… I, I didnt mean to look down on you…”

“Since you didnt mean to look down on me, then were still brothers!” Mo Yang quickly seized the opportunity to attack.

“Tell me the whole story.

If theres anything, we can solve it together.”

After being stunned for a long while, seeing the sincere eyes of Mo Yang and Mo Chu, Will suddenly laughed bitterly.

He covered his face with both hands, and sporadic words leaked out from between his fingers, “The reason why I… Got injured was because my brother personally did it!”


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Mo Yang and Mo Chu looked at each other.

The two of them hid the shock in their hearts and patiently said, “Your brother Why did your brother do this”

The wordinjured was considered light.

If they had not discovered it in time, Will would have already turned into a corpse!

“I am one of the descendants of the Michael Family.” Will wiped his face and told the whole story.

“In order to obtain the right to inherit the family, my big brother personally tried to kill me.

Under the orders of my father, he summoned me back from District 12 to District 3.

When I was unprepared, he prepared to kill me in one fell swoop!”

These few words made Mo Chus heart tremble.

She and Mo Yang were very close siblings.

She could not imagine all of this.

On the other hand, Mo Yang revealed a somewhat understanding expression.

His finger tapped on the table as he said, “So youre a descendant of the Michael Family.

No wonder.”

In the Federation, the Michael Family was in a very special position.

Most of the people in their family did not possess the talent to cultivate special abilities.

However, they were extremely powerful in the business world, it was said that the Michael Family had taken over nearly 2/3 of the Federations total assets.

However, in order to allow the Michael Family to pass on their legacy from generation to generation, the passing on of their inheritance was extremely cruel.

Only those with the most outstanding ability would be able to become the next generations Family Head.

“The most outstanding ability” Mo Chu frowned, “This isnt easy to judge, right”

“Whats so hard to Judge” Mo Yangs face was slightly cold, “Its just like a bunch of wild beasts fighting over the only food.

As long as they can successfully trample down the other brothers, the remaining one will naturally be the strongest.”

“However, Wills big brother is indeed too cold-blooded and heartless.

If it was the previous generations, they would at most be crippled.

However, he actually wanted to eliminate the root of the problem and directly kill Will! This method is really too ruthless and heartless.”

Although Will had already woken up, his body had not completely recovered.

He had already returned to his room to rest.

Only then did Mo Chu and Mo Yang dare openly discuss this.

“So thats the case.” Mo Chu nodded and quickly reacted, “In other words, will and the rest of the elders are very likely aware of this matter.

However, they are watching from the side with cold eyes.

If Will is unable to retaliate, then even if Will is killed by his big brother, will they remain unmoved”

“Thats right!” Mo yang nodded his head and lowered his head to sigh.

Will must have thought through this point before he felt that he had nothing left to live for! These aristocratic families sounded better than anyone else, but they were more ruthless than anyone else!

In fact, Will had never intended to fight with his big brother from the start.

Otherwise, he would not have left the center of power in District 3.

Instead, he went to the remote and backward District 12 to open a small shop.

But even so, his big brother had never thought of letting him off.

In such a situation, such a family should have broken his heart!

“Big brother, I have an idea.

It can help will tide over this calamity.” Mo Chus eyes lit up and the corners of her mouth curled up mischievously.

“What idea” Mo Yang did not dare to underestimate his own sister and hurriedly asked in a low voice.

“We might as well send a portion of the Spirit Food to the auction house.

These matters will be left entirely to Will to handle!”

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Mo Chu had previously set up a restriction order on the Starnet, which had already caused those upper-class people who had tasted the sweetness to fly into a rage out of humiliation.

They were already used to hunting, so how could they just watch as the food in their mouths ran away

Just in this period of time, they had already prepared to break through Mo Chus network a few times, but she had cleverly changed one network device after another to avoid them.

However, if this matter continued to drag on like this, it would never solve the problem, unless they could pull these Spirit Foods in front of the public from another angle — sending them to the highest level auction house was the best way!

Moreover, with this, Wills crisis would also be smoothly resolved.

After all, with the popularity of Spirit Foods, they would not even have time to rope in Will, so how could they bear to see him killed

Upon hearing these words, Mo Yangs eyes could not help but light up! Thats right!

Mo Chu was still very confident with Wills ability.

Furthermore, Mo Yang had been with him for so many years, and time had long proven his character.

“However… Im just a little worried that he might tell this matter to the inner circle of his family.

If thats really the case, then we would be in a passive position…”

“He wont!” Upon hearing this, Mo Yang shook his head resolutely.

“I know Wills personality.

Once we help him, hell definitely not betray us.”

Since Mo Yang had already said so, Mo Chu naturally would not doubt him.

The two of them exchanged a glance before standing up and walking towards Wills room.

Since they had already decided, they would strike while the iron was hot.

Will, who was lying in the room in a daze, did not know that he was about to usher in the biggest turning point in his life.

When the door was opened, he ushered in a new chapter of his life…


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