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Hearing this, Mo Chu could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

She shook her head secretly.

It was fine if he wanted to buy an authentic painting at this price, but if he wanted to buy a fake one, how terrible would that be!

“Why, do you also think that this painting is fake” Suddenly, a man beside him turned his head and whispered in Mo Chus ear.

“Of course its fake!” Before Mo Chu could react, she shook her head firmly.

“Is that so” When the man beside him laughed, Mo Chu turned her head.

Damn it! Another handsome man!

Different from Ning Yiyuans decisiveness and determination, this man carried an indescribable demonic charm.

This aura was simply seeping out from the cracks in his bones.

It was almost merged with his entire aura, and it could seduce peoples souls!

If Qin Shang, whom Mo Chu had seen before, was as pure and beautiful as an elf, then this man in front of him was the temptation of Satan, dangerous and dark.

“What a coincidence, I think so too.” Alan sat beside Mo Chu, the corners of his mouth curling up slightly.

That bewitching aura became more and more intense, so much so that Mo Chu could not breathe.

As the eldest son of the Michael Familys current generation, Alan needed to receive all kinds of training from a young age.

This kind of small matter of identifying a painting was naturally not a problem.

He had to admit that the imitation of this painting was very successful.

Whether it was the brush strokes or the style, it was very similar to what was described in the ancient books.

However, the flaw was in the paper on which the painting was made.

One had to know that the paper on which the painting was made in ancient times was made from trees.

The Federation had long lost normal plants, so the paper on which the painting was made was the easiest to expose flaws.

However, looking at the group of idiots who were eagerly raising their placards, Alan adjusted his clothes in a funny manner.

His eyes were filled with disdain.

If he had known earlier, he would have gone to the private room upstairs to avoid being together with this group of idiots.

He had brought down his own style for no reason.


Just as Alan was about to get up and leave, he suddenly saw the disdainful look on the face of the little girl beside him.

He suddenly became a little interested and tilted his head to the side as he asked in a low voice.

He did not expect that this little girl would actually give a firm answer.

After carefully sizing up Mo Chu, the smile on the corner of Alans mouth deepened.

Although this little girl looked silly, her taste was not bad!

In the end, unable to endure the turbid air, Alan still stood up.

He was used to the silence of the private room, and the cacophony of voices was giving him a headache.

He simply walked out and instructed his assistant beside him, “Later, when its time for the items to be auctioned by Will, come and call me!”

“Yes.” The assistant nodded respectfully.

The subsequent auctions were getting more and more exciting.

Mo Chu was simply dazzled.

“The next two items,” the smile on the auctioneers lips deepened as he said, “were brought up by the Second Young Master of the Mike Family, Mr.


Im sure everyone is looking forward to it!”

Although the Mike Family was famous outside, the members of their family were very low-key and somewhat mysterious.

This time, they were actually able to see the Second Young Master of the Michael Familys items in this auction.

Presumably, this item must be very outstanding.

Naturally, everyone braced themselves and widened their eyes.

“The first item is a bracelet.” Holding a blank piece of information, even the experienced auctioneer appeared to be at a loss.

He could only read out the words on the information in a shriveled manner, “The starting price is 1 Federal Coin.

The price will increase by 10 coins for every raise.”

Eh Was there a mistake

One had to know that in this auction, the lowest starting price had always been 10 million Federal Coins.

How did a bracelet that was worth one coin appear now Was this a joke

Could it be that there was something special about this bracelet The buyer who thought he had figured out the trick immediately turned his head and looked carefully at the bracelet on the stage.


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