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TheWho Is the Strongest program started on time.

For a moment, all the netizens were focused on the light screen.

The number of clicks and online hits broke the record once again.

Just this alone was enough for Qin Entertainment to make a lot of money!

The scene on the light screen returned to the moment when Song Qingsong was attacked by the magical beast.

That sturdy and heavy body seemed to be throwing away its life as it crashed fiercely towards Almighty song…

Even if it was not the first time watching it, this scene still made many peoples hearts clench.

Seeing that the magical beast was only one meter away from Song Qingsong, it suddenly stopped moving.

Just this one second was enough for Song Qingsong to have a chance to escape.

“Quick! Hurry up!” A clear male voice sounded.

As the camera zoomed in, a figure suddenly appeared in everyones field of vision! It was actually Mo Yang!

The lightning in his hand was flickering, and it appeared to have multiple layers.

It was like a transparent shield, protecting Song Qingsong behind it.

He was doing his best to stop the magical beast from advancing forward.

It was also at this moment that the sharp-eyed audience realized that the reason why the magical beast paused for a moment was that its legs were blocked by the lightning shield, which was as thin as hair!

Seeing this, Song Qingsongs eyes could not help but light up.

He dragged his already injured legs and retreated with all his might.

Meanwhile, Mo Yang continued to stride forward while the lightning in his hands continued to shoot out.

This tier 8 magical beast was not easy to deal with.

Not only was it powerful, but it also had the will to throw away its life! Fortunately, Song Qingsong had severely injured its eyes previously.

Otherwise, this magical beast would also be a tough bone to Mo Yang.


Seeing this scene, many nervous netizens heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats great! I knew that nothing would happen to Almighty Song!”

“Mo Yang, thank you for saving my idol.

I will send you a kiss!”

“Do you even need to send a kiss My screen was wet from my girlfriends kiss.

Sob, sob… Thats my girlfriend!”

The comments section was in an uproar.

They were all saying that since Almighty Song survived the disaster, he would definitely have good fortune in the future! From this, one could see how terrifying Song Qingsongs popularity was!

However, there were also some netizens who were worried.

“Can this little guy, Mo Yang, deal with this tier 8 magical beast”

If they were to kill both of them at the same time, it would be a good show.

“This… its really hard to say.

After all, this magical beast is really powerful!”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Another group of netizens immediately started to tear apart.

“Our Mo Yang is also very powerful, okay”

Indeed, Mo Yang could fight against this tier 8 magical beast by himself.

However, as time passed, he gradually became weaker.

After all, compared to special ability users, magical beasts had an innate advantage.

They had strong endurance and strong combat strength!

“Brother!” Just when Mo Yang was engaged in a fierce battle with this magical beast, a cry of surprise suddenly rang out.

Looking up, he saw that they had just bumped into Mo Chu!

“Little Chu!” Mo Yang cried out in surprise.

The expression on his face immediately relaxed a little.

However, he had no choice but to be even more cautious in the face of the magical beast that was getting fiercer and fiercer.

He hurriedly lowered his head, afraid that the magical beast would see any openings.

“Be careful!” Mo Chu naturally understood his current situation.

With a shift of her gaze, a huge water ball in her hand instantly exploded on the magical beasts head, drenching its entire body.

“Well done!” Mo Yang quickly understood his sisters thoughts.

When the entire water filled the body of the magical beast, a bolt of lightning as thick as an arm struck the body of the magical beast.

Then, a series of crackling sounds suddenly erupted!

Water could conduct electricity.

No matter how tough the skin of the magical beast was, it could not withstand such a strike.

The entire magical beast was shocked until it trembled.

After about two to three minutes, the magical beast that was still full of vigor just a moment ago was already dead beyond compare!


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