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A large wave of infatuated comments instantly appeared in the comments section, causing the mouths of the male citizens of the Federation to twitch.

Was there a need to do this Isnt it just a smile My smile is a hundred times more beautiful than his!

The scene continued.

In the light screen, Mo Yang was continuously rubbing the vines with his hands.

Very quickly, threads were pulled out of the vines one after another.

Seeing this, Mo Chu could not help but feel astonished.

After twisting these threads together, they formed a dense cloth.

It could be considered the simplest version of the hemostatic gauze.

“Brother, youre really amazing!” It was also at this moment that Mo Chu realized that her understanding of magical plants was not deep enough.

There were still many mysteries contained within it, which she needed to explore bit by bit.

“This is nothing.” Mo Yang delivered the cloth that he had made to Little Chu.

“When I went to District 12 in the past, I couldnt afford a Treatment Device.

I discovered this method.

Not to mention other things, the hemostatic gauze is still very effective.”

Mo Chu activated her special abilities again, and the clean water flow washed the thin cloth.

At this moment, the sun gradually rose, and in less than a minute or two, the thin cloth was dried and disinfected.

Then, Mo Chu tied the thin cloth to Song Qingsongs wound.

The effect was very obvious.

As soon as the cloth was put on, the continuous bleeding stopped.

“Oh, right.” Mo Chu suddenly remembered and took out the things in her terminal.

“These are the nutrient capsules and energy solutions that I collected earlier.

You guys should eat them quickly!”

“What about you” Song Qingsong frowned.

This silly girl had given them everything.

What should she do


Mo Yang also looked at her worriedly.

“Here!” Mo Chu took out a glass filled with clear milk from the terminal and shook it.

“Im very lucky! As soon as I came in, I found a Milk Tree forest.

I dont have to worry about food.”

Hearing this, Mo Yang heaved a sigh of relief.

He gave Song Qingsong two bottles of energy fluid and a nutrition capsule.

“Youve just been injured.

Hurry up and eat!”

Looking at the things that were forced into his hands, Song Qingsongs lips curled up slightly and he replied softly, “Thank you!”

Seeing this scene, everyones hearts warmed up.

As expected, when people with good looks walked together, even the scene became exceptionally fresh and eye-catching.

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Song Qingsong and Mo Yang had not eaten anything for a whole day and a half.

Only after drinking a bottle of energy fluid and a nutrition capsule did they feel refreshed and discussed where to go next.

At the same time, Zhang Xiaoqi, who had been ditched by Mo Chu, unexpectedly met up with the other two female celebrities.

Although they did not like each other in the past, at this moment, they were unexpectedly united.

It was not a lie to say that there was strength in numbers.

Although the three women were not very strong in combat, they had the special attention and observation skills of women.

Soon, they found two types of food — a total of seven bottles of nutrient solution.

Previously, when they were working together, they did not see any contradiction.

But now, when they encountered an unfair division of labor, the disadvantages were immediately revealed.

There were a total of seven bottles of nutrient solution.

Even if each of them had two bottles, there was still an extra bottle.

In the past, they would not have cared about this bottle of nutrient solution at all.

However, now, it was a life-and-death moment.

A bottle of nutrient solution might be able to last them an extra day.

Who would be willing to give up

Contradictions naturally erupted!

One said that these two packages were discovered by me.

This extra bottle of nutrient solution should naturally belong to me.

The other said with conviction that, yes, these two packages were discovered by you, but the person who could successfully take them down was me.

This bottle of nutrient solution should belong to me!


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