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When Mo Chu reached her hand to the Hornet Birds mouth, it could not hold it in any longer.

Its two long antennae extended into a large pile of white sugar.

Like a drug addict, it flew away in satisfaction.

With the first Hornet Bird as an example, the Hornet Birds behind naturally came up one by one.

Fortunately, Mo Chu had enough white sugar in her terminal to deal with such a large group of people.

However, in the eyes of the audience, this scene was simply unbelievable!

One had to know that this Hornet Bird was comparable to the Iron Ants.

It displayed the phraseunity is strength to the fullest.

Even the experts among experts did not dare to underestimate them.

However, when Mo Chu encountered them, not to mention getting injured, there was not even a bump on her body!

There were even some busybodies who posted the video of Mo Chus application for the second round of Military Academys test online.

In the end, those who had previously scoffed at Mo Chus nickname of aLucky Star could not help but secretly change their minds.

In the video, it was the second round of the Federation Military Academys entrance examination.

Mo Chu had coincidentally met a magical beast that was higher in rank than her.

They had originally thought that she would definitely lose, but she had actually won, and it was a rather miraculous victory!

The magical beast that was incomparably ferocious at the start immediately cowered the moment it got close to Mo Chu.

Its strong and hard body was curled up like a little wife, not even daring to raise its head to look at Mo Chu.

There was no blood, no struggle, no killing… The slender girl standing next to her was fresh and elegant.

Her smile was as gentle as a chrysanthemum, but no one dared to look down on her!

The moment this video was released, it immediately became popular.

The number of hits and reposts had reached over a million.

The netizens were all shocked by this strange scene.


“Ive seen it for a long time! This is the first time Ive seen such a strange thing.”

“Why else would our Lucky Star be blessed These magical beasts cant bear to hurt her!”

“Thats right, our baby is mighty and domineering! Im rooting for you!”

When he saw the comments online again, Mo Chu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

The truth… was really not what they thought.

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“Awoo–” Roundy, who was in Mo Chus arms, could not help but howl at the light screen.

What, what Little Chu was able to pass the second round of the Military Academys test entirely because of me, Mph! You bunch of ignorant humans!

“An accident… Really” Qin Yue had a look that said: Dont lie to me.

However, when he met Mo Chus pair of clear black eyes, he could not help but turn his face away.

“Forget it.

You, little girl, are too blunt.

You even have to hide it from me.”

Mo Chu was also helpless.

She could not possibly say that she took a big piece of sugar to get rid of these Hornet Birds, right No one would believe her even if she told them!

“Alright.” Qin Yue stood up and encouraged himself.

“I have to attend the next episode of the programs recording tomorrow.

I have to go back and do my homework first so that I can have more shots next time!”

Looking at Qin Yues hurried figure, Mo Chu could not help but shake her head.

She switched the screen to the Spirit Food Shop.

The netizen, Life Without Pain, had improved a lot.

According to his condition, Mo Chu had adjusted the contents of the Medicinal Cuisine in time.

In addition to the kelp-stewed chicken soup at the beginning, she had also made seaweed porridge and garlic shrimp, these were all excellent products that could replenish vitality and Qi.

Moreover, they had the effect of increasing iodine.

Looking at the latest body report he had sent over, Mo Chu could not help but secretly let out a sigh of relief.

The most troublesome part had already passed.

Now, he only needed to rest well and continue taking the Medicinal Cuisine.

Once the swelling had completely subsided, it would be fine.


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