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Just as a large group of netizens started to criticize Mo Chu for no reason, a few female celebrities fans, represented by Zhang Xiaoqi, immediately took the opportunity to whitewash their Goddess.

After all, it was Mo Chu who was at fault, my idol is absolutely clean.

The images you saw were all edited in the post-production to increase the explosive points of the program.

In fact, this was not the case at all.

Just as many netizens were still doubtful, the face-slapping operation immediately began!

First, a wave of videos went viral on the internet.

The images were of the female celebrities who had taken the opportunity to step on Mo Chu.

Their white bodies were entangled with one man after another.

The quality of the images was extremely realistic, even their slightly parted lips could be seen clearly.

The fans who had been actively defending their Goddess immediately shut up.

There was no other way.

This video was completely irrefutable evidence! Each and every one of their hearts were broken.

The Goddess who had looked so aloof and proud before was now a completely different person in bed.

It made them cry out in shock that they had been blind!

Before the netizens could recover from their shock, the second wave of face-slapping quickly went online again!

The netizens who had sworn to smear Mo Chu immediately retorted, saying that they were hired by someone else.

They even posted the transaction records of both parties on the internet, and the name of the employer had the wordChen Shao written on it!

Some netizens were still unclear about this person, and before they could post the question mark.

It was quickly popularized by other netizens who knew about it.

ThisChen Shao is Zhang Xiaoqis lackey, right

This time, it was like poking a hornets nest!

Previously, Zhang Xiaoqi had been scolded miserably, but at least she still had a group of die-hard fans to carry guns for her.

Now that she had done this, she practically became the representative of the Federations evil people.

Who would dare to speak up for her

For a moment, Zhang Xiaoqi was almost cursed out of her mind!



Looking at the good development on the internet, Zuo Lin could not help but clap his hands lightly and look at his Boss fawningly.

“How is it”

“Not bad.” The corner of Ning Yiyuans mouth curled up slightly and he gave Zuo Lin a look of approval.

“Ill relax a little during the training from now on.”

Hearing this, Zuo Lins eyes lit up even more and he hurriedly promised, “Boss, dont worry.

If anyone dares to scold my sister-in-law in the future, Ill definitely kill them!”

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The three wordssister-in-law obviously pleased Ning Yiyuan.

His expression became more and more gentle, and even his actions of getting up and walking became much gentler.

“Bootlicker!” Zhong Wen rolled his eyes at Zuo Lin.

Apparently, he did not like Zuo Lins way of doing things.

“Come on, you!” Zuo Lin made a funny face.

“If youre jealous, just say it.

Dont beat around the bush.

Although, I can understand.”

“You…” Zhong Wen was almost angered by this thick-skinned guy!

At this moment, Mo Chus face was full of astonishment.

She was not stupid.

If it were not for someone helping her, how could these internet trolls who were scolding her easily give up and even bite Zhang Xiaoqi “Brother, who do you think did this”

It was not that she did not make a guess.

In the end, there were at most two.

One was the public relations company under the Qin Entertainment, and the other was… Ning Yiyuan.

In comparison, the latter was more likely.

“Humph Humph!” Of course, Mo Yang also shared Mo Chus thoughts.

He immediately interrupted her thoughts.

What was there to think about with that big-tailed wolf

“Look at the timing of this rounds program recording.–” Before Mo Yang could finish his words, he was interrupted by Roundy.

“Awoo!” Take me there, I want to go!


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