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As soon as Roundy found out that Mo Chu and the others were going to shoot the second episode of the reality show, it immediately started to make a scene.

It lay in Mo Chus arms, and no matter how hard Mo Yang tried, he could not pull it down.

As expected, its extraordinary weight was put to good use.

“Forget it.” Mo Chu patted Roundys head, and in the end, she still submitted.

This was the last episode anyway, and they did not say that they could not bring pets.

So, she just brought Roundy to go on camera!

As soon as these words were said, Roundy was immediately happy.

It raised its little head high and even kicked Mo Yang a few times to vent his anger.

You still dared to pull me just now Hmph!

On the other hand, the Little Flying Fox had been sitting on the sofa, staring at them pitifully.

Since Roundy is going, what about me

When Mo Chu lowered her head, she coincidentally met the Little Flying Foxs aggrieved gaze.

Her heart could not help but tremble.

Aiyo, how could she have forgotten about this

It was more than enough to bring one pet.

If she brought two, it would be a little sensational.

However, it was unfair to bring only Roundy and not the Little Flying Fox, right

“Forget it.”After hesitating for a long while, Mo Chu finally pulled Roundy down from her arms.

She suggested, “Why dont you just stay at home”


Roundy, who was kicking Mo Yang with all its might, suddenly froze on the spot.

Its little head turned around and it cried out, “Ow ow ow”.

They had clearly agreed earlier, why did she go back on her words now

After following Mo Chus gaze, Roundy immediately understood what was going on.

It jumped down from Mo Chus arms and directly pounced toward Little Flying Fox.

Initially, Mo Chu thought that they would have a fight, and she was prepared to stop them.

In the end, these two little beasts were like two brothers, muttering to each other on the top of their heads.


She did not know what benefits Roundy had promised the Little Flying Fox.

However, they seemed to be happy with the outcome.

The Little Flying Fox did not make a fuss and even sent Mo Yang, Mo Chu, and Roundy off.

Along the way, Mo Chu was very curious.

She wanted to pry open the little fellows mouth, but Roundy was unexpectedly stubborn and did not reveal a single word!

“Come on, Roundy must have threatened and bribed Little Flying Fox!” Mo Yang, who was originally sitting next to Mo Chu, was forcefully pushed to the front.

At this moment, he gave Roundy a sour look.

Wasnt this bad guy only capable of those few dirty moves

“Ao ao–” Upon hearing these words, Roundy immediately became angry.

Can you think of the good side of me Im not that kind of beast!

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“Alright.” Mo Chu rubbed her brows helplessly.

They had not even reached their destination yet, yet this man and beast were already quarreling with each other.

It was likely that they would not have an easy time in the future.

They had arrived at their destination.

Mo Chu and the others also got out of their Drive Machine.

They were stunned the moment they got out of the Drive Machine.

This time, they were not in No-mans Land.

On the contrary, the venue for this activity was arranged in the center of District 5.

“Lucky Star! Look! Its Lucky Star!” The eyes of the passersby instantly lit up, and they cried out in surprise.

When their gazes fell on Mo Yang and the others, they were dazzlingly bright again.

Their screams almost pierced through their eardrums.

“Mo Yang, my Prince Charming, look over here.


Fortunately, the work team had already arranged for them to be separated by ropes around them.

Otherwise, those excited fans would have rushed over long ago!

In such a short time, the rest of the people had also arrived.

Then, the fans gathered together at a terrifying speed, and the exclamations from their mouths became even louder.

One after another, it was simply breathtaking!


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