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“Shh–” Song Qingsong only frowned slightly.

He raised his finger and pointed it at his mouth.

All the voices immediately stopped, as if he had pressed the pause button.

Wow! Almighty Songs charm was indeed extraordinary!

Mo Chu secretly praised and glanced to the side.

Two or three people had already been eliminated from the previous episode, and now there were three men and three women left.

“Almighty Song, youre here.” Although they had only known each other for a short time, the friendship between Mo Yang and Almighty Song seemed to have gone by leaps and bounds.

As soon as Mo Yang saw Song Qingsong, he immediately went up to him.

“By the way, have you recovered from your injury”

“Im fine.” Seeing the two of them, Song Qingsongs expression became gentler.

His features were like jade.

“I laid down in the Treatment Device for a while, and its nothing serious.”

“Hey, Almighty Song, what kind of game do you think they will be playing this time” Looking at the crowded crowd beside her, Mo Chu could not help but look at Song Qingsong, hoping that he could give her some inspiration.

How could Song Qingsong not understand what Mo Chu meant Although he did not know what Director Lin had in store for them, he still had some vague speculations.

His lips could not help but curl up slightly.

“Its definitely different from the No-mans Land this time.

But since its a competition program, its inevitable to look for things like treasure!”

“Hey, Kid!” As they were talking, Qin Yue strode over and slapped Mo Yang on the shoulder.

“With an idol, you even forgot your brothers.

Youre really forgetting your friends!”

When he faced Song Qingsong, his expression immediately changed.

He greeted him seriously, “Brother Song, Hello.

Im Qin Yue, your fan.”

Hey! Mo Chu raised her eyebrows.

This guys face is really thick! He dared to call Song Qingsongbrother right away!


Uh… Mo Yang was helpless.

He seemed to be sharing his sisters thoughts.

“How has everyone been recently” When everyone had arrived, Lin Yehong walked out from the side.

His signature long hair was still draped over his shoulders, but his smile was still full of malicious intent.

“Forget it.

Time is of the essence, so I wont say any more nonsense.” Lin Yehong ignored the answer that everyone was about to blurt out.

He maintained his usual ghost-like style.

“Ill tell you the contents of this matter directly.”

“For the next mission, you need to follow the results of the drawing of lots and form two-by-two teams.

Then, follow the hints that we gave and find clues on your own.

The first team that finds the commemorative coins that we put in the destination will win.”

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“During this period, we will not give you any money or help.

As for food and accommodation, I hope that you can solve it yourselves.

Now, please come and draw lots.”

After saying that, Lin Yehong brought over a straw.

Each of them drew one of the straws in turn.

The ones with the same color at the bottom were a team.

“Oh! Oh! Thats great!” Qin Yue immediately jumped over and hugged Mo Chu.

His face was full of surprise.

“We are a team.

There will definitely be a lot of cameras in the future!”

Hmm… Mo Chu was helpless.

Shouldnt he be thinking about how to win now Why was Qin Yue still so obsessed with the cameras

“What are you doing” Mo Yang immediately strode forward and fiercely pulled Qin Yue down.

His face slightly darkened.

What Are you taking advantage of my sister in front of me

“Well…” Qin Yue quickly released his hand and explained in a low voice, “Im just too excited, haha!”

“Mo Chu, what do you think this clue is I feel that with our strength, its definitely not a problem for us to become the champion!” Qin Yue, who was usually talkative when he was excited, immediately transformed into a chatterbox and kept on talking.

Just like that, you want to become the champion Looking at his sister and the random Qin Yue forming a team, Mo Yang could not help but feel a headache.

One had a lack of common sense, and the other looked like he lacked IQ.

As a brother, why was he so worried about their upcoming activities


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