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Ignoring the various expressions on everyones faces after the drawing of lots, Lin Yehong handed the clue cards to each group.

Qin Yue had just gotten his hands on them, and he could not wait to open it.

There was only a simple sentence on it, “The hardest and softest materials in the entire Federation.”

Huh Mo Chu curiously leaned her head over.

Upon seeing this question, she immediately felt awkward.

Um… how would she know

She raised her head and looked at Qin Yue.

Both of their faces were filled with confusion.

Lin Yehong naturally saw the funny looks of the two of them.

He covered the smile in his eyes and whispered a reminder, “Alright, the hints we are giving out now are all the simplest ones.

The further we go, the more difficult the riddle will be.

Everyone, you must hurry up.”

Its over! When Lin Yehong said this, Mo Chu and Qin Yue couldn ot help but look at each other.

Their hearts were filled with sadness.

The two of them could not even figure out the simplest question.

What should they do next

If the survival in No-mans Land before was a test of everyones physical strength, then todays competition was a test of their intelligence.


Lin Yehong rubbed his chin.

His smile was a little chilling.

The wordintelligence could be played in all sorts of different ways!

“All the best, Lucky Star, all the best!”

“Almighty Song, we support you!”


“Mo Yang, we have high hopes for you!”

The audience around them took advantage of the opportunity and shouted from time to time, causing the scene to become very lively.

The tense atmosphere earlier had also dissipated quite a bit.

“Aiya, where are my fans” Seeing this situation, Qin Yue immediately ran off and pursed his lips.

He really did not understand how someone with such a strong sense of presence like him could be ignored by everyone.

If Qin Yue was just complaining, then Zhang Xiaoqi was completely embarrassed.

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In terms of fame, she was much higher than Mo Chu and Mo Yang.

In the end, her fans were all disheartened by her previous performance.

Not to mention cheering her on, it was already good enough that they did not take the opportunity to throw rotten eggs at her!

In the last episode of the program, she was lucky enough to survive.

This time, she drew lots to form a team with Yao Manwen.

From the looks of it, it was still very eye-catching.

However, it was obvious that their IQ was not much higher than Mo Chu and the others.

They were also scratching their heads as they tried to solve the riddle!

On the other hand, Song Qingsong and Mo Yangs team only thought for a moment and immediately came to a conclusion.

They were ready to start moving and look for the next clue.

Oh my God, so fast

Mo Chu gaped in a daze.

She watched as the two of them quickly packed up their things and were about to leave, but they were stopped by Qin Yue.

Eh Qin Yue

Mo Chu looked to his side and realized that her teammate had unknowingly appeared in front of Mo Yang.

He forcefully squeezed out a smile on his rough and cold face, and the effect was rather comical.

“Hey… Mo Yang, why dont we team up first”

Mo Chu helplessly patted herforehead.

Team up With our strength, who would want to team up with us!

Thinking of this, the competition still had to continue.

Mo Chu also ran up eagerly, her face full of anticipation as she stared at Almighty Song.

She glanced at Lin Yehong, who was still smiling faintly at the side.

Since he did not make a sound to stop them, then they could proceed with this team-up.

Mo Yang simply handed the clue card to Mo Chu.

They had already scribbled their reasoning on the card.

“The next clue is in here.”

“Good brother, youre really amazing!” Qin Yue patted Mo Yangs shoulder forcefully and said shamelessly, “If theres anything that I can help you with next time, I will definitely help you!”

Actually… the possibility of that happening was really low!


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