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However, since it was a competition, they had to seize every second.

After giving the clue card to Mo Chu and the others, Mo Yang and Song Singsongs group immediately rushed to their next destination.

However, they did not have any money, nor did they have any Drive Machines.

They could not just rely on their legs!

The two of them looked at each other.

They were too embarrassed to take advantage of these fans.

After thinking for a while, Mo Yang took out an old pocket watch from his pocket.

He had bought it from an antique shop with 800 Federation Coins.

At this moment, he took it out in case of emergency.

he shouted, “This old pocket watch is now being sold for 600 Federation Coins.

Does anyone want it”

“Yes, I want it!”

“Ill give you 700 Federation Coins!”

The enthusiasm of the fans was ignited.

They stretched out their hands, wishing that they could touch Mo Yangs tender hand while holding the pocket watch.

In the end, the pocket watch was successfully sold at the price of 800 Federation Coins.

With the money, their journey became much easier.

Very quickly, they disappeared.

On this side, Mo Chu and Qin Yue looked at each other, and then looked at the clue card that Mo Yang gave them without missing a single word.

‘The hardest material in the entire Federation = Green Steel Stone.

‘The softest material in the entire Federation = Water.


Then, Mo Yang circled theGreen andWater.

Green water… It reminded them of clear water!

“I got it, I got it!” Qin Yue immediately waved the clue card and shouted loudly, “Isnt there a famous scenic spot in District 5 — Clear…”

“Shut up!” Mo Chu immediately pounced forward and used her hand to block Qin Yues mouth.

This reckless guy! Could he not see that Yao Manwen and Zhang Xiaoqi were listening behind him with their ears perked up He actually shouted out loud!

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Looking at Mo Chus gaze, Qin Yue also reacted.

He was so excited that he had forgotten about it!

‘Clear River was a very famous scenic spot in District 5.

The long river was so clear that one could see the bottom.

The most peculiar thing was that every noon, the river would reflect the shadow of a rainbow.

It just happened to be placed on the river, forming a rainbow arch bridge, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

However, Mo Chu and the rest naturally encountered the same difficulty as Almighty Song and the rest.

That was — they had no money! Not to mention the transportation fees, they still needed to pay for the entrance tickets to Clear River!

In this aspect, Qin Yue was much more thick-skinned than Mo Yang.

He immediately set his sights on Roundy who was in Mo Chus arms.

He gave Mo Chu a look.

However, the two of them clearly had not reached the stage of telepathy yet.

Mo Chu looked at Qin Yues blinking eyes and did not understand what he meant.

Qin Yue helplessly raised his head and sighed.

He had no choice but to say it out loud, “Since Roundy is here, it cant just do nothing, right Why dont you let it roll around and act cute”

His words were straightforward enough.

He was just trying to make Roundy perform for money, right She turned around and stared at Roundy who was still in her arms with a satisfied expression.

Mo Chu could not help but nod her head in agreement.

Alright, this was a good idea!

Hence, Qin Yue took off his coat and folded it into the shape of money before placing it in front of Roundy.

“Awoo–” Roundy, who was slapped on the head by Mo Chu, was at a loss on the ground.

What was he supposed to do


“Whether we can get the money or not depends on you!” Qin Yue had a solemn look on his face as he said, “Ill entrust this heavy task to you.”

This successfully triggered Roundys anger.

It immediately jumped onto Qin Yues thigh and opened its mouth, his sharp teeth sparkled under the sunlight!

“Dont!” Mo Chu was so frightened that she rushed forward and hugged Roundy.

If it bit down, there would definitely be blood!

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