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“Aooo–” Once Roundy returned to Mo Chus embrace, it immediately changed its appearance.

The fur that had stood up became soft, and its small watery eyes stared at Mo Chu.

This person is bullying me!

This pitiful appearance caused quite a number of girls to sympathize with her.

“Aiya, the pet in Lucky Stars embrace is really cute!”

“It cant be any cuter!”

“Come, let me give you a hug too”

Qin Yue wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

In this day and age, even a pets looks were better than his

However, he soon beamed with joy.

He did not know whether it was because he was infected by Roundys cuteness or because he felt that Qin Yues appearance was too pitiful, the first girl walked up and placed 100 Federation Coin into thebox.

With the first girl as an example, the rest of the girls also flocked over.

In just 10 minutes, they had gathered almost 1,500 Federation Coins, which was almost twice as much as Mo Yang and the others.

“Not bad, not bad!” Qin Yue smiled like a kid.

He picked up the coins one by one and placed it neatly into his trouser pocket.

Then, he picked up the shirt under it, patted it twice, and put it back on again.

“Were rich, lets go!” Qin Yue waved his hand.

Qin Yue, Mo Chu, and Roundy the small hero went to Clear River by car.

Only Yao Manwen and Zhang Xiaoqi, the two girls, were left speechless and silent.

The opposite effect was the situation on Mo Chus side.


Qin Yue had just gotten into the car when the chatterbox attribute was immediately ignited.

“Sigh, why didnt I think of that just now It was clearly such a simple riddle, but as a top student of the Military Academys Mecha Department, I actually missed it.

Its really too embarrassing!”

“Its fine,” Mo Chu hurriedly interrupted him.

Otherwise, this fellow would have been able to talk for an entire day.

“Look, didnt I also not think of it”

“Its not the same, right” Qin Yue clearly did not understand Mo Chus intentions, and even tried to comfort her.

“Youre learning plant cultivation, not mecha.

Its normal that you dont know this, so dont be sad.”

Mo Chu was speechless.

Actually… Im really not sad at all!

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“Awooo–” Roundy howled energetically twice, and its small face drooped.

It did not hide its disdain for Qin Yue.

Could this guy stop talking Youre really noisy.

I want peace and quiet!

“Pfft!” The passengers next to them also noticed their noisy scene and couldnt help but chuckle.

When their eyes fell on Mo Chu, they sized her up carefully, and their eyes immediately lit up.

“Aiyo, isnt this Lucky Star Why is she here” They glanced at the staff next to them and nodded in understanding.

“Shes filming the next episode of the program, right”

“Aiyo!” Faced with the sincere smiles of others, Mo Chu naturally treated them with sincerity.

The corners of her eyes curled up slightly and she smiled sweetly, causing peoples hearts to feel warm.

“Thats right, were filming the program right now.

However, Ill have to trouble you to keep it a secret.”

If not, when the matter blew up, she and Qin Yue would not be able to leave.

“Ohh!” Hearing this, the passenger next to her immediately lowered her voice and pretended to whisper, “Dont worry, I wont tell anyone.

However, my son really likes you.

Um… Can you give me an autograph”

“Autograph What for” Qin Yue, who was listening from the side, interrupted in puzzlement.

Only then did Mo Chu realize that in the Federations entertainment, there was no practice for giving out autographs, which was an interactive activity between fans and celebrities.


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