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“I, I…” This young and beautiful girl, who looked to be in her twenties, stuck out her tongue mischievously.

“I just want to keep it as a souvenir.

What do you think”

If she had not said that she had a son, Mo Chu would never have thought that she had become a mother.

“No problem.” Mo Chu nodded and readily agreed.

“Where do you want me to sign”

“Sign here… This will do!” Clearly, she did not expect Mo Chu to agree so readily.

The passenger was stunned for a moment before hurriedly flipping through a clean notebook and handing over a pen, “Thank you for your trouble.”

There were two types of characters that were commonly used in the Federation.

One was written in Chinese while the other was written in English.

Mo Chus handwriting was not bad.

After all, she had practiced for so many years in the 21st century.

However, in Mo Yangs eyes, this graceful Chinese character was a masterpiece at the level of a Grandmaster!

Thats right.

Think about it.

Little Chu had been lying in the sealed cabin for a full 15 years.

She had only been practicing for two years when she woke up.

It was enough to show her talent!

“Its okay.” Mo Chu finished writing her name with a few strokes.

She smiled and handed the book to the passenger next to her.

“Here, its for you!”

“Aiyo, this is really great!” The girl immediately put the book into her bag as if it was a treasure.

The journey was still long, so Mo Chu decided to chat with her a little.

“How old is your son”

“Hes still young!” The girl shook her head as if it was a serious matter.

“He just turned 20!”

Mo Chus body trembled.

The point is, I think youre the one whos only in your 20s! How did she maintain her youth!


“Um… are you over 40” Mo Chu even added two more rounds to her age.

“Aiyo! You really know how to chat!” Which woman did not want to be praised for being young “My son is already 20 years old, so how can I be only 40 years old” Then, she lowered his head slightly and whispered in Mo Chus ear, “Actually, Im almost 68 this year!”

Hmm… Mo Chus eyes froze! She could not equate the white-haired old granny in her memory with this beautiful young girl in front of her.

Finally, their train arrived at the station.

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They were about to leave when the girl sitting next to Mo Chu tugged at her with all her might.

She forced herself to pass the mini Temperature Regulator to Mo Chu.

“Take it.

When the sun comes up, itll be hot!”

Mo Chu could not decline and could only accept it in the end.

After this episode was broadcasted on the internet,Looking for an idols autograph immediately became the favorite activity of all the fans.

It spread like wildfire across the entire Federation in an instant, but that was all for the future.

In front of them, Mo Chu and the others had just arrived at the entrance of Clear Rivers scenic spot.

Very quickly, they met Almighty Song and his team.

“Eh Didnt you guys leave a long time ago Why are you still here” Qin Yue immediately ran over to inquire about the news.

“Not enough money for the entrance fee.” Almighty Song squeezed out these five words with a shriveled expression.

It had been a long time since he had tasted the feeling of not having money.

It was really hard for a hero to be defeated by a single cent!

“How much is the entrance fee” Qin Yue walked back and saw it.

He could not help but be shocked.

“500 Federal Coins per person.

Its so expensive! Are they trying to rob us”

Speaking of which, the four of them were not usually short of money.

In the past, when had they ever worried about 500 Federal Coins Now, for the sake of the show, they were really haggling over every penny!

The naughty subtitle team and the post-production team even specially photoshopped their background into a dark gray tone during this scene.

Coupled with their sad faces, it was really a joke!


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