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At this moment, Hu Qing felt very regretful! Why would she want to participate in this mission on a whim Why was she so unlucky!


Just when the three of them were in a predicament, a thick lightning strike struck straight at the Iron Ants, instantly solving their urgent situation.

When they heard the sound, they looked over and saw that it was Mo Yang!

“Mo Yang!”

“Brother Mo, youre here!”

Seeing Mo Yang, Hu Tian finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Behind him, Hu Qing was even more pleasantly surprised.

Her eyes were filled with admiration and joy.

In her most dangerous moment, Mo Yang had appeared in front of her like a hero, saving her.

How could this not cause her heart to waver


“Hmph! Im here too!” Mo Chu coughed twice to remind the few of them of her existence before quickly joining the battle.

She could now successfully use a Water Ball to attack the Iron Ants.

Mo Yang combined with a lightning strike, the water could conduct electricity, and the lethality of the two combined increased.

After a long while, the large group of Iron Ants was almost wiped out by them.

The rest of the Iron Ants saw that the situation was not right and naturally retreated in a hurry.

Seeing this, Wei Yuan and Hu Qing finally relaxed.

On the other hand, Hu Tian, who was beside them, widened his eyes in shock.

In the past month, Mo Yangs strength had improved by another huge step.

This speed of improvement was shocking.

However, what he was more concerned about now was this little girl, Mo Chu.

When she had just woken up, she could only be described asweak.

At that time, not to mention elemental ability, people were not even sure if she would survive normal daily life!

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However, now, looking at Mo Chu, she had quietly cultivated to tier 2.

Based on her actual combat situation, she was probably already in the middle of tier 2.

This cultivation speed was probably even higher than Mo Yang!

Thinking of this, Hu Tian could not help but sigh.

As the saying goes, the new generation surpasses the old.

All of them were getting old.

“Captain, how are you” Mo Yang turned his head and asked with concern.

Although he had already left the Wild Wolf Team, he still treated Hu Tian as an elder and respected him.

“Nothing much.

I was just scratched by a Gale Beast.” Hu Tian waved his hand and did not take the injury to heart.

However, he could not help but show some anxiety in his eyes.

When they had retreated, only one-third of the Iron Ants had followed them.

Most of the remaining Iron Ants had gone to the rest of the team members, and they did not know how the team was doing now.

“Mo Yang.” Hu Tian could not afford to waste time, and he asked, “Can you please go to the other team members and help them There were Iron Ants there.

They are probably having a hard time dealing with the ants now!”

Wei Yuan also quickly took out his terminal and contacted the other team members.

After asking for their specific location, the team immediately set off.

As Hu Tian had expected, the battle here was even more intense.

There were already a few people who were injured.

Some of them had even used up all their elemental energy and could only rely on their daggers to fight.

However, the Iron Ants shell was as hard as iron, so how could a dagger be able to hurt it

However, with the addition of Mo Yang and Mo Chu, their dangerous disadvantage was gradually reversed.

It took them a full hour to chase away the remaining iron ants.

At this moment, everyone could finally breathe a sigh of relief and take a short break.

Mo Chu was also extremely tired.

Her small face was slightly pale.

After all, it was normal that her physical fitness was not able to keep up with the intensity of the actual combat.

“Are you alright, Little Chu” Mo Yang looked at his sister worriedly.

He had long been used to this kind of situation, and he had neglected Little Chus situation.

“Im fine.” Mo Chu shook her head.

She simply leaned into Mo Yangs embrace and covered her face.

“Brother, Im going to eat something.

Shield me for a moment.”

Taking advantage of the fact that no one could see her, Mo Chu stuffed a few french fries into her mouth.

She swallowed the french fries before the elemental energy that was almost dried up slowly replenished.

Her little face gradually turned a little rosy.

“Brother, you should eat some too.

Otherwise…” Before she could finish his sentence, she was interrupted by Hu Qings exclamation.

“Blood Luminescent Beast! Its a Blood Luminescent Beast! Everyone, run!”


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