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“Owww–” It was too fun, too interesting! Roundy ran over excitedly, wagging its short tail as it followed behind Mo Chu.

It looked extremely adorable!

Qin Yue was extremely tired at this moment.

Although a man like him would definitely not lose in a snowball fight with a little girl like Mo Chu, the key point was that there was still Roundy! This little guy was really ruthless.

Several times, the snowballs that were thrown at him almost knocked him out.

Seriously, could they still play happily

The two of them walked along the road and soon saw a row of large-scale hotels in Ice Town.

The decorations were very interesting.

At first, Qin Yue even swaggered in, but in the end, he came out dejectedly in less than two minutes.

There was no choice, this place was too expensive.

They simply could not afford to stay here!

Looking at the money in his pocket, Qin Yue could not help but pout.

Previously, he thought he was a tycoon, but now he realized that this little bit of money was not enough to pay for his and Mo Chus accommodation!

Standing in the snow and ice, the two of them looked at each other and helplessly spread their hands.

What should they do They could not sleep on the streets tonight!

At this moment, a kind-hearted person passed by and pointed out the way for them.

“If you dont have enough money, go to the back.

There are small hotels there, and the price is quite reasonable.”

Mo Chu and Mo Chu quickly thanked the person and followed the path he said.

They had just walked two to three hundred meters when they saw a small hotel.

Not only was it clean and hygienic, but the most important thing was that it was cheap! After spending a third of their money, they were able to stay in two rooms.

The cost-benefit ratio was very high!

“Aiya, this little girl is really cute!” The two of them walked into the hotel and took off their clothes and masks, naturally revealing their true appearances.

The lady boss of the hotel even looked at Mo Chu and praised him with a smile, “She really looks like Lucky Star.”

“Right” Before Mo Chu replied, Qin Yue interrupted with a smile, “This is my sister.

She looks like me, right”

“Well…” The lady boss was probably an honest person.

She could not say anything against her heart, right One was big and burly, while the other was cute and delicate.

The difference was quite far, okay

The lady boss simply changed the topic.

“Well… you guys are here to play, right You guys are really lucky to run into the once-in-a-decade Ice Sculpture Festival in our town!”

“Ice Sculpture Festival” Mo Chus eyes lit up.

“Then when does it start How long does it usually last”

Speaking of this, the lady boss was very proud.

Her eyes lit up slightly as she said, “Our Ice Sculpture Festival is famous for being beautiful! It just so happens that it starts at eight oclock tonight, and it will last for a week!”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu and Qin Yue could not help but look at each other.

The corners of their lips curled up.

Theres a chance!

It was only six oclock in the afternoon.

The two of them discussed for a while and decided to rest for a while to recover their strength.

When they woke up, they would rush to the battlefield at night.

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For the entire day, they had run and jumped, taken a car, and fought in a snowball fight.

Their energy was almost exhausted.

Therefore, they divided the food they bought and returned to their rooms.

Mo Chu was so tired that she fell onto the bed.

However, Roundy was still very energetic! it sat obediently on the headboard of the bed, its bright red eyes blinking as if rubies were shining in the night.

Mo Chu hugged it and patted its little head gently.

“Why arent you sleeping yet You still have a lot of work to do at night!”

“Awoo–” Roundy was still excited.

However, when it saw Mo Chus drooping eyes, it became obedient for once.

It closed its eyes and went to sleep with her.


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