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At 8 pm, the two of them went out on the street on time.

When they reached the center of the small town, they could not help but be stunned.

Oh my God, this is really… too beautiful!

The surroundings were filled with flying snow.

Large patches of it could even be seen clearly in the shape of hexagonal crystals.

Looking down the street, there were all kinds of ice sculptures standing at the side.

They were lifelike, transparent, and pure, it was as beautiful as a fairyland!

“Its so beautiful!” Mo Chu was completely mesmerized by the ice sculptures.

The ice sculpture in front of her happened to be a Gale Beast.

Not to mention its body proportions, even the patterns on its wings were clearly carved.

That swift and fierce posture seemed as if it could fly away with a wave of its wings.

The night was dark, but the lights at the side were colorful.

When they hit the ice sculpture, it looked more lively and beautiful.

“Ao ao–” Roundy took a closer look and pursed its lips.

It howled unwillingly.

Even the Gale Beast had an ice sculpture.

Where was the sculpture of this Young Master

“Alright, stop looking!” Mo Chus eyes were filled with curiosity.

She was about to reach out and touch it when he was forcefully dragged away by Qin Yue.

He said in a rough voice, “Little girl, we are pressed for time right now.

Lets finish the mission first!”

Qin Yues hand strength was quite strong.

Mo Chu was petite and slender.

She was completely dragged away by him.

She could not help but roll his eyes at Qin Yue.

No wonder he was still single.

He really did not have any sense of style!

“Hmm… the clue card must be here!” Qin Yue did not notice the disdain in Mo Chus eyes at all.

At this moment, Qin Yue was busy looking left and right, looking for clues everywhere!

This street did not look long, but there were a lot of ice sculptures on both sides of the street.

In addition to the bright lights at night, Qin Yue felt dizzy after looking at it for a short while.

He poked Mo Chu beside him, “Did you find anything”

“No.” Mo Chu shook her head.

She looked a little depressed as she said, “Where do you think this clue card can be hidden”

“Hmph.” Qin Yue snorted coldly.

In his heart, he was filled with all sorts of resentment towards Lin Yehong.

He did not know how this persons brain worked to actually come up with such a devious idea.

“There are a lot of places that can be hidden.

After all, theres such a large area of ice!”

The two of them were discussing it here! In the end, they bumped into Almighty song and Mo Yangs group.

They could not help but be surprised.

“You guys caught up so quickly”

Mo Yang chuckled.

“Its all thanks to my idols charisma.”

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The two of them racked their brains to guess the answer to the previous question.

They were worried about money, but they ran into one of Song Qingsongs die-hard fans right after they left Qinghe.

Without saying a word, they sent them to Ice Town.

Not only that, they even enthusiastically arranged their accommodations.

They were considerate to the maximum!

“That good” Upon hearing this, Qin Yue instantly felt an inexplicable sadness in his heart.

He did not even sell an autograph for a group photo, and the fans of Almighty Song were totally throwing themselves at him! How could there be such a big difference between humans

At this moment, Roundy suddenly cried out excitedly! One of its small claws pulled at Mo Chus clothes, while the other kept pulling at her with sparkling eyes!

“Little fellow, dont take this opportunity to cause trouble!” Qin Yue had a bitter expression on his face.

Just as he was about to bend down and pick Roundy up, Roundy nimbly dodged him.

Roundy lifted its little face and glared at Qin yue fiercely.

What a hateful human.! Who allowed you to touch me without permission

Mo Chu had a telepathic connection with Roundy, and she asked in surprise, “What did you discover”

Little Chu was the smartest! Roundys eyes lit up and it cried out in joy.

Mo Chu immediately followed behind Roundy.

Qin Yue wanted to stop her.

The little girl was still young, so how could she listen to a little pet! However, seeing that Mo Yang and great Almighty Song were following behind, he swallowed his words silently.

Soon, Qin Yue was glad that he had made this decision.


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