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They had only walked 50 to 60 meters when Roundy stopped and circled around an ice sculpture.

“Why arent we moving” Qin Yue was a little confused.

“Does Roundy think this ice sculpture is beautiful”

Mo Chu reacted quickly.

She looked at the ice sculpture carefully and soon discovered that the tail of the ice sculpture was a little black.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that there was actually a small bag inside.

It was the pouches that were filled with the three clue cards that they had been longing for, right

“Roundy, well done!” Mo Chus eyes suddenly lit up.

He picked up the chubby little fellow and kissed it hard on its little face.

After being kissed by Mo Chu without any warning, Roundy was obviously stunned for a moment.

Then, its big face, which was covered by the fur, became slightly red and hot.

Its head immediately slipped into Mo Chus arms, only revealing its round butt!

Hey! This little guy has learned to be shy!

The cameramen saw this, and it was so cute that their faces were red.

They were secretly rubbing their hearts.

When there was an opportunity, they had to ask Mo Chu which breed this pet was.

When there was an opportunity, they had to buy one for themselves.

Look, it was really too cute, and too smart!

Mo Yang could not help but chuckle.

There was a sayingbetter early than late, and this was exactly what it meant.

Qin Yue and the rest strolled around the place, but could not find anything.

In the end, they had only just arrived when they caught up with Roundy and found the clue card.

They were really lucky!

However, Director Lin was really too cunning.

There were at least hundreds of ice sculptures here.

If they really searched one by one, they would be impatient, not to mention whether they could find it or not.

This time, they were lucky to have Roundy, and it saved them a lot of effort.

“Hey! I didnt know that this little fatty was so powerful!” Qin Yue was also excited at this moment.

He reached out his hand and was about to pat Roundy, but he was kicked hard by Roundys hind leg! Who is the little fatty Get lost!

“Ow!” Qin Yue rubbed his chest and widened his eyes in shock.

Roundy was still buried in Mo Chus arms, but he could still kick so accurately.

It was amazing!

They had found the clue card, but the key was how to take it out They could not just smash the ice sculpture! The owner of the ice sculpture was still staring at them!

“Hello, is this ice sculpture for sale” Qin Yue shamelessly went up and asked excitedly.

In the end, he received a roll of eyes and a cold answer:not for sale!

Qin Yues confidence was dealt a heavy blow.

He immediately withdrew his head in dejection and exchanged a glance with Mo Chu and the others.

His eyes were filled with helplessness.

If the owner did not sell, what could he do

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A little girl of eight or nine years old beside him stared at Song Qingsong without blinking.

Her starry eyes were filled with fans admiration for her idol.

Qin Yue thought for a moment and squatted down slightly.

He forced out a kind and harmless smile, which gave the little girl a fright.

Her body shrank back to the back of the ice sculpture beside her.

“Pfft–” Mo Chu and the others sneered mercilessly from behind.

Qin Yues face stiffened, but thinking of pleasing the little girl in front of him, he softened his expression.

However, he did not know that his appearance was very similar to the big bad wolf that abducted Little Red Riding Hood.

“Come, you just need to tell Big Brother how I can buy this ice sculpture.

Big Brother will let you hug Song Qingsong!”

He immediately sold Almighty Song with one sentence.

When the little girl heard this, her eyes suddenly lit up.


“Of course!” Seeing that there was a chance, Qin Yue quickly struck while the iron was hot.

“I wont lie.”

The little girl hesitated for a long time, but in the end, she could not resist the temptation.

She said, “We dont sell the ice sculptures here, but as long as you can go over there and make an identical one, or make it better than this, you can exchange for it.”


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