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After saying that, the little girl stared at Qin Yue anxiously, afraid that he would not keep his word.

“Alright!” Hearing that, Qin Yues eyes lit up.

He immediately bent down and stuffed the little girl into Song Qingsongs arms.

“Come, give a hug to the little fan!”

The little girl cried out in surprise when she was so close to her idol.

Her tender, fleshy hands tightly grabbed onto Almighty Songs collar.

Her eyes sparkled, and she was extremely cute.

“That…” Although Song Qingsong was usually gentle like jade, he was at a loss when he picked up the little girl.

He was so nervous that his whole body was stiff.

Mo Yang, on the other hand, could not stand it.

He pulled the little girl out of Song Qingsongs arms, and his expression was as gentle as water.

He skillfully put his hands under her and used his wrist to tease her up and down.

The little girl was also overjoyed.

She let out a bell-like laugh.

“Hey,” Qin Yue was slightly surprised.

“I didnt know you were such an expert at coaxing children!”

Mo Yang smiled faintly and did not explain much.

In the past few years, he had been hoping that Little Chu would wake up, so he had learned a lot of these methods to coax the little girl.

He did not expect Little Chu to lie down for 15 years…

He naturally could not put his skills to use, but he did not expect it to come in handy today.

After the little girl had played enough, Mo Yang put her down.

Following the little girls guidance, the group of them walked toward the place where the ice sculptures were made.

At this moment, there were already quite a number of tourists who were excitedly starting to work on their own, there were also one or two professional ice sculptors specially assigned to guide them.

Although the four of them had never come into contact with ice sculptures before, they were all quite smart.

After listening silently for a while at the side, they sat on a platform and started to create their own ice sculptures.

The cameramen following behind them secretly laughed.

This ice sculpture looked easy, but it was very difficult to make.

They had tried it before, but after much effort, they were able to make a four-imitated ice sculpture, they were ridiculed by everyone.

However, as the excess ice shards on their hands fell off one after another, the results they produced shocked everyone!

Not to mention Mo Yang, Mo Chu, and Song Qingsong, even the ice sculpture made by Qin Yue, who looked rough and clumsy, had a rough shape.

However, when it came to the delicate parts of the sculpture, it was still inferior to the others.

At most, it could only have a similar shape, and it was a far cry from a good one!

“Awooo–” At this moment, Roundy was extremely excited.

It kept circling around Mo Chus ice sculpture.

This is me! Thats right!


Mo Chu was quite skillful as she carved Roundy into a vivid and lifelike shape.

Especially that tsundere look in its eyes.

It was exactly the same as its original self.

Roundy was so happy, it could not wait to put this ice sculpture back into its pocket immediately.

Mo Chus and Qin Yues sculptures were like small crafts when compared to Mo Yangs project.

Although the overall shape was not out yet, everyone could roughly tell that this was a 1:1 real-life version of Mo Chu!

My God, this was simply a professional level! Even the ice sculpture master next to him stared at Mo Yang with a face full of admiration.

Not bad, this young man was quite talented!

The staff member behind him who had made an unconvincing appearance really wanted to bury his head into the snow pile at this moment.

The difference was so big! Could it be that the Military Academy was really preparing to nurture all-rounded talents now, including traditional skills like ice sculpturing

When Mo Yang finished his work, it had already taken almost three hours, but the results were also extremely shocking.

Every detail on Mo Chus face seemed to be engraved in his heart, and he did not even need to think about it.

He simply worked with his hands effortlessly.



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