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In the end, with this perfect portrait, they successfully exchanged with the ice sculpture and contained the clue card.

On the clue card, it read:Please go to the White Mountain Tower and look for the commemorative coins.

“Sigh, were finally going to get the commemorative coins!” This should be the last stop! Rubbing his hands, Qin Yues face was full of relief, but there was also a hint of regret.

Taking advantage of the excitement, the group of them simply had a good time.

It was almost midnight before they returned to their accommodation.

They had been exhausted from playing the whole day.

In addition to finding the clue card, they felt extremely relaxed.

Mo Chu slept very soundly until the next morning when he finally opened his eyes drowsily.

“Hello, youre awake” Suddenly, a familiar female voice sounded by her ear.

Mo Chu tilted her head, clearly still drowsy.

That silly look was caught by the camera!

It was obvious that this time, the film crew had launched a surprise attack on them!

Roundy, who was sleeping soundly on the side, immediately opened its eyes alertly when it heard the sound.

However, it felt a familiar aura beside it and cried out in a low voice twice.

Then, it turned over and fell asleep again.

After recording Roundys cute appearance, the camera returned to Mo Chus body.

At this moment, she was truly appearing on camera without any makeup.

Indeed, the foundation of youth was better.

Her skin was as white as jade.

There was not even a single pimple on it, and her lips were rosy.

Her lips were red and her teeth were white.

Her hair was a little messy from sleeping, but it added a little cuteness to her.

As expected of Mo Yangs sister.

Both of them were beautiful human beings!

Thinking of this, the camera crew could not help but recall the time when they sneaked into Mo Yang and Almighty Songs room.

As expected of their Prince Charming! Even his sleeping posture was so charming.

It was like a 360-degree angle with no blind spots.

Although there were different temperaments, they were still incomparably handsome.

However, it was a pity… Why were both of them sleeping with their clothes on!

The abs and biceps that they had expected to see were all covered… Sob, sob, sob! The cameramen clicked their tongues in pity.

Of course, this was not to satisfy their infatuated state of mind.

Instead, if this was the case, the highlight of the show would be greatly reduced… Yes, thats right, this was the case!

After the surprise attack on Mo Chu, they quickly went to Qin Yues room.

Hmm… His sleeping posture was sprawled all over the floor.

He failed! His pajamas and hair were in a mess.

He failed! Half of his blanket had fallen to the floor.

He was still sleeping soundly without even realizing it.

It was a huge failure!

In fact, Qin Yues sleeping posture was the same as an average persons.

The key was that there was a clear contrast with the previous three.

The effect was immediately apparent.

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However, Qin Yues alertness was also very strong.

They had only walked in for less than 30 seconds, and he immediately opened his eyes and put on a defensive posture, which gave the cameraman a shock!

After the explanation was clear, this was just a simple shoot.

Qin Yue laughed foolishly again, picked up the blanket on the ground, and immediately covered his head and continued to sleep.

Seeing this, the cameraman could only smile helplessly and retreat.

This guy… was really ambitious! He could still sleep like this!

However, when Qin Yue woke up again and gathered with Mo Chu, he let out a wail.

“What did you say! The sleeping position that they secretly took this morning could still be included in the program editing”

It was over! His sleeping position did not seem to be very good.

If this scene was really broadcast, he would really be too ashamed!

“No,” Mo Chu shook her head.

When Qin Yue had just let out a sigh of relief, she slowly said the second half of her sentence, “This kind of thing would definitely be included as part of the program!”

It was obvious that if there was such explosive content, the program team would definitely not miss it.

Qin Yues face instantly turned ashen as he muttered to himself, “Its over, its over, my reputation has been completely ruined by this!”

“Well,” Mo Chu had a sincere look on her face as she said, “Youre thinking too much…”

“Right You also think that this is just a small problem.

Well, a flaw doesnt cover up beauty, right” Before Mo Chu could finish her sentence, Qin Yue had already started to comfort himself.

The more he thought about it, the more it made sense.

He even nodded to himself.

Mo Chus lips curled up slightly, covering the slyness in her eyes as she said, “From the moment this program started, your reputation has already been tarnished!”

Hearing this, Qin Yues face completely darkened.

Youre being too cruel, arent you Can we still be good friends


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