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White Mountain Tower was an endless stretch of green mountains.

At a glance, it was dark and verdant.

“Eh, why isnt there a white tower here Its all green!” Mo Chu looked around and asked in puzzlement.

As soon as she said this, the people next to him cast a strange look at her.

Even Qin Yue opened his mouth slightly and stared at her with a surprised expression.

“What, did I… Say something wrong” Being stared at by everyones burning eyes, Mo Chu smiled awkwardly.

“Dont tell me you think that theres a white tower on this mountain and thats why its called the White Tower Mountain” Qin Yue looked at Mo Chu in disbelief.

What else could it be Although she did not say those words out loud, the expression on Mo Chus face revealed everything.

“Oh my, Im so happy!” Qin Yue was stunned at first, then he burst into laughter.

He almost bent over with laughter.

He did not expect Mo Chu to have such a cute side!

Mo Yang and Song Qingsong, who had been left behind, slowly dared to come up.

Naturally, they heard Mo Chus silly words, and they could not help but smile.

“TheWhite Tower is the name of a person.” Mo Yang was used to his sisters lack of common sense, so he casually explained it to her.

“A hundred years ago, there were very few people with special abilities.

‘White Tower was one of the most outstanding ones.

Once, he relied on his own strength to resist the next wave of the Beast Tide, making a huge contribution to the safe evacuation of the people of District 5.

Thats why this green mountain range was named after him.”

Mo Yangs voice was as elegant as the wind.

When he spoke so slowly, it was rather captivating.

It was as if one could imagine the imposing manner of the person who faced thousands of magical beasts back then.

“Alright, lets end the story here.” Qin Yue waved his hand and turned his head to look ahead with bright eyes.

In front of them were two forks, one on the left and one on the right, “Why dont we split up here and see who can find the commemorative coins first.”

As for Zhang Xiaoqis group, they were directly ignored.

“Okay.” Almighty Song nodded in agreement.

“Since you guys are the first to arrive, then you guys should choose a path first!”

At this point, Qin Yues previous nimbleness immediately disappeared.

He hesitated for a long time, but still could not come to a decision.

In the end, he even set his mind on Mo Chu.

“Little Chu, come, give me your opinion.

which path should we take”

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This girl was a Lucky Star! Listening to her, there was no mistake!

Mo Chu was very casual.

He casually pointed.

“Lets go this way!”

“Alright!” Qin Yue nodded.

The two of them and a beast walked towards the fork on the right.

Mo Yang and his team naturally walked toward the left.

The cameramen following behind them could not help but feel nervous.

Almighty Songs team was strong, but Qin Yues team had a Lucky Star like Mo Chu.

They did not know which team would get the commemorative coins first.

It was too suspenseful!

They split into two teams.

As Qin Yue walked, he carefully observed his surroundings, but he did not find anything.

Time passed bit by bit.

The sun gradually rose, and the scorching sunlight hit their bodies, making them extremely hot.

It was only now that they realized that they had not given it enough thought.

The program team happily gave them the clue card, and it also stated that the commemorative coin was on White Tower Mountain.

However, none of them knew what the commemorative coin looked like.

They were like blind men, right

“Hey, here!” Mo Chu suddenly exclaimed.

She bent down and pushed aside a clump of grass beside her feet.

A familiar pouch fell out.

The moment the pouch was opened, it happened to have a coin-shaped gadget inside.

The surface of the gadget was exquisitely carved.

In the middle of it was a bright red gem, shining brilliantly under the sunlight.


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