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Seeing this, Qin Yues eyes could not help but light up.

He jogged over and was about to slap Mo Chus fair and clean little face when he unconsciously restrained his strength and turned to pat her shoulder.

“Girl, good job.

I knew you were a Lucky Star!”

Holding the commemorative coin in his hand, Mo Chus heart beat a little faster.

With Director Lins devilish character, how could the coins be so easily found by them

Qin Yue was stunned at first, but then he laughed heartily.

“Arent you thinking too much This is what happens when a smart person thinks too much!”

Just as Qin Yue said this, he was quickly slapped in the face.

“Awoo–” No one knew when Roundy had slid down from Mo Chus arms.

Now, it wagged its tail and came back, but there were a few pouches in its claws that were the same as Mo Chus.

Quick, quick! Are you guys looking for this Ive already found it for you! Roundy placed the silk pouches on the ground and raised its chubby face.

Its face was filled with a smile that showed that it wanted to be rewarded.

However, when it opened its eyes to take a look, it was immediately confused.

Yesterday, when she found the thing, Little Chu was extremely happy and even gave it a sweet kiss.

Why was she still frowning now

The round neck tilted slightly as it stared at the two people in front of it in confusion.

Its bright red eyes rolled around.

Hmm… as expected, humans are still too complicated to understand!

Mo Chu frowned and squatted down slightly.

She opened the few pouches one by one and found that there was indeed a commemorative coin inside.

Only after careful observation did she realize that each commemorative coin would be slightly different.

“It cant be!” Looking at the several commemorative coins on the ground, Qin Yues face suddenly changed and he could not help but let out a miserable cry!

What is Director Lin trying to do Wasnt the last task to find the commemorative coins How could there be so many fake ones

As expected! Mo Chu revealed a look of understanding.

This arrangement was quite consistent with Director Lins character!


After storing these few commemorative coins, Mo Chu stood up.

They had only walked a few hundred meters and they had already found so many commemorative coins.

Then, how many more were hidden in White Tower Mountain

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Qin Yue had obviously thought of this as well.

When he looked into Mo Chus eyes, he revealed a hint of madness.

According to their estimations, there should be at least hundreds or thousands of commemorative coins on White Tower Mountain.

Putting aside the question of whether they could find all of them, the key was which one of these was real

“What should we do” Qin Yue was really at a loss at this moment.

He simply sat on the ground and unconsciously dug his fingers into the soil on the ground.

Mo Chu was also frowning.

They had already reached the end.

Who would have thought that Lin Yehong would suddenly make such a move He was really going to play them to death!

The cameramen following behind the two of them could not help but shed tears of sympathy for them.

Sigh! Since they had already fallen into Director Lins claws, there was no way for them to resist.

They might as well enjoy themselves to their hearts content.

Dont even think that you can compare your brains with Director Lins.

This was simply one-sided torture!

“Awooo–” Roundy jumped a few times on the spot.

Were going to stay here Thats good, Im tired too.

Then, Roundy excitedly threw itself into Mo Chus arms and automatically found the most comfortable angle.

It shut its mouth and closed its eyes to sleep.

“Sigh.” Qin Yue sighed softly and put on a bitter face.

“Even a pet is better than me.

I cant live like this anymore!”

Mo Chu rolled her eyes at him.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through her mind and she stretched out her hand toward Qin Yue.

“Do you still have the clue card from before”


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