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“Here, here!” Qin Yue nodded.

Although he did not know why Mo Chu suddenly wanted this thing, he obediently took out the clue card from his pocket.


Mo Chu took the clue card and looked at it carefully.

“What are you looking at” Qin Yue curiously leaned his head over and looked up.

“Im thinking, is there any hint on this” The clues from before had made them try their best to guess.

How could it be so simple to point out the destination for them this time, this was completely unlike Director Lins style!

“Yeah!” Hearing Mo Chus explanation, Qin Yue also felt that something was wrong.

However, after looking at this clue card over and over again, he did not find anything strange.

“But theres nothing wrong with this clue card.”

Mo Chu could not help but frown.

Suddenly, she raised her hand and shone the clue card into the sunlight.

His eyes lit up slightly and he let out aneh sound.

When Qin Yue heard this sound, his body, which had just slumped down, straightened up again.

“Why, why What did you find”

Initially, when Qin Yue saw Mo Chus actions, he thought that there was a special clue! However, when this clue card shone into the sunlight, there was nothing special on it.

Aiya! Why was this little girl so shocked

However, Mo Chu suddenly made a move and tore the clue card in her hand from the side.

“Aiya, what are you doing” Qin Yue frowned at first, but when he saw Mo Chu take out a small note from the clue card, his eyes could not help but light up! “Yo, little girl, youre amazing!”

When the note was unfolded, there were only three words and numbers written on it —White Tower Mountain, 25, 68.

Oh What the hell was this

Mo Chus expression could not help but falter.

The joy was instantly extinguished! What exactly did these two numbers mean

Qin Yue, who was at the side, took the note.

His eyes suddenly lit up as he pulled Mo Chus hand and ran down.

“I got it.

Come, quickly follow me!”

The filming crew behind hurriedly took the equipment and chased after him.

They were also completely confused.

What was the meaning of this note!

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“Whew–” Upon returning home, Mo Chu could not help but let out a soft sigh.

After being tired for a few days, the filming of this episode was finally over.

Roundy was in high spirits.

During the past few days of filming outside, it had not been able to eat much.

At this moment, it was pestering Mo Chu with all its might, whining and acting coquettishly.

Delicious food, I want to eat delicious food!

Mo Chu was also extremely hungry.

After being urged by Roundy, she also took the opportunity to walk into the kitchen.

She first took out a large piece of pork rib from the terminal, then chopped it into about five centimeters long pieces.

After washing it clean, she put it into the pot and added water to cook it slightly.

After the water was boiled, she used a spoon to clean the foam on it.

Then, she added a large section of seaweed that she had prepared before.

She added some salt and turned it into a small fire to cook for 40 minutes.

After the ribs were fully cooked, she scooped them out to control the soup.

She put them into the pot and sprinkled some dry starch on it.

She used her hands to slightly homogenize it so that the ribs would be evenly coated with a thin layer of starch.

Then heat up the pot and pour in the soybean oil.

When the oil is hot, put the ribs in and fry the ribs over medium heat until they change color.

Then, remove the ribs to control the oil.

Then, pour out the excess oil in the pot, leaving only some inside.

Then, add a suitable amount of rock sugar.

When the rock sugar melted and slowly changed color and bubbled, she put in some of the soup that was used to cook the ribs.

Then, she put in the fried ribs, and cook them for a while.

Finally, she added salt, sugar, and a small amount of pepper powder.

She simmered the soup over low heat until the soup is thick and almost dry.

Then, a spoonful of balsamic vinegar was added.

She then thickened the soup over high heat, stirred well, and turn off the heat.


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