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Hu Qings scream instantly broke the silence!

The cruelty of the Blood Luminescent Beast was spread by word of mouth.

Upon hearing these words, everyone panicked.

Amidst the screams, they fled in all directions.

On the other hand, Mo Chu was still standing on the spot in a daze, her eyes were filled with disbelief as she stared at the approaching animal.

Was this the legendary Blood Luminescent Beast


In her line of sight, a round-headed, short-tailed, black and white fellow was running towards them.

This adorable creature was obviously the national treasure, the Giant Panda!


A cute Giant Panda = Terrifying and evil Blood Luminescent Beast Mo Chu felt that she could not accept it!


The difference between the two was too big.

However, when Mo Chu and the Giant Pandas eyes met, she realized that this fellow actually had a pair of ruby-like eyes!

“Little Chu, run quickly!” The Blood Luminescent Beasts ability was extremely strong.

Even Mo Yang could not guarantee a 100% victory.

Before Mo Chu could react, the Giant Pandas eyes suddenly lit up when it looked at her.

It was like a ruby reflecting light under the sun as it pounced towards her.

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Hearing the terrified screams of the people around her, Mo Chu finally came back to her senses.

She hurriedly ran away.

This was not the cute and obedient Giant Panda in the zoo, but a Blood Luminescent Beast that could devour human flesh!

However, she did not expect that the Blood Luminescent Beast would chase after her as if it had its eyes on her.

It did not even glance at the other people.

Its short and stubby calves were very agile.

With a light leap, it was comparable to Mo Yang running a few steps.

Oh my God!

Mo Chu was running so fast that she almost could not breathe.

However, when she turned around, the Blood Luminescent Beast was following behind her.

It was less than half a meter away from her and its eyes were blinking as if it was trying to act cute.


Acting cute was shameful!

In that split second, the Blood Luminescent Beast caught up to Mo Chu and pounced forward.

It immediately pinned down Mo Chus petite body.

“Little Chu!” Behind him, a mournful cry came out from Mo Yangs throat!

Seeing the Blood Luminescent Beast pouncing fiercely toward Mo Chu, he could not do anything.

The helplessness, grief, and indignation in Mo Yangs heart surged up at the same time! It was all because he was not strong enough that Little Chu had fallen into such a dangerous situation! It was all his fault!


Suddenly, a fierce aura rose from Mo Yangs body.

At this critical moment, he had successfully broken through the barrier of tier 5 and successfully entered tier 6!

Relying on this aura, Mo Yang suddenly attacked the Blood Luminescent Beast.

A sizzling lightning bolt struck straight at the Blood Luminescent Beast!

However, it was as if the Blood Luminescent Beast had eyes on its back.

With a swift flip, it grabbed Mo Chu and dodged the lightning strike.

When the strike did not hit, Mo Yang frowned slightly.

He continued to gather power in his hand.

He threw multiple lightning bolts struck straight at the Blood Luminescent Beast.

Sparks flashed and sizzled.

However, the Blood Luminescent Beast seemed to have known about Mo Yangs attack as it nimbly dodged it.

“Brother, wait!” In his anxiety, Mo Yangs attack became fiercer and fiercer.

However, Mo Chu suddenly stopped him.

She did not know why, but she had a feeling that the Giant Panda did not have any ill intentions toward her.

When it pounced just now, it could have bitten off her throat, but it did not do so.

Instead, it used its slippery tongue to lick her face.

That little look was very adorable!

Even when it was in danger of Mo Yang attacking it, it did not forget to protect her under its body.

Although Mo Yang did not understand, he stopped attacking.

However, the lightning in his hands was still churning.

If the Blood Luminescent Beast made any strange movements, he would be able to react in time.

The Blood Luminescent Beast tilted its head backward.

When it saw that Mo Yang had stopped attacking, it raised its body.

Its pair of bright red eyes stared at Mo Chu in a daze.

Its moist nose moved closer to Mo Chus neck and kept sniffing, the saliva at the corner of its mouth was about to drip down.

“Awooo–” Wheres the delicious food It had already smelled the scent of delicious food just now.

Quickly take it out!

Mo Chu was stunned at first.

Later, she realized that the Blood Luminescent Beasts actions were somewhat familiar.

It took her quite a while to recall that this pair of sparkling eyes was the same as the hungry puppy that she had reared in the past.

So it was asking for food now

Mo Chu finally recalled that when she was resting earlier, she had taken out french fries from the terminal to eat.

He had caught the scent of the french fries at that time

No way! This little fellows senses were too sharp!


To verify her thoughts, Mo Chu simply took out a handful of french fries from the terminal.

The Blood Luminescent Beast became excited.

Its round body even began to sway involuntarily.


Delicious! Delicious!

Its originally heavy body suddenly became agile.

The Blood Luminescent Beast stretched out its thick palm and snatched the french fries from Mo Chus hand.

It did not even leave a single one for her.

Looking at the french fries in its hand, the rich fragrance entered its nostrils.

The Blood Luminescent Beasts eyes started to sparkle as it stuffed all the french fries into its mouth.

“Ahhh–” It was too delicious! It was too delicious!


The Blood Luminescent Beasts eyes lit up as it wolfed down the french fries in his mouth.

It even shook its head with great interest as it thought about it.

When it opened its eyes again, it saw that its palm was empty.

It had eaten all the french fries in one go, and its eyes revealed a hint of regret.

It did not forget to lick the remaining taste on his palm.

However, when its eyes landed on Mo Chu, it immediately lit up.

This girl had the food!

Hence, the Blood Luminescent Beast hopped towards Mo Chu again, fawning over her endlessly.

It acted all cute and started to roll around.

Its pair of large watery eyes revealed a very obvious meaning: Give me something good to eat! Look at how obedient I am, right

Mo Yang, who was at the side, was dumbfounded.

He had never personally come into contact with the Blood Luminescent Beast before, but he had heard many people mention it before.

His impression of it had always been to avoid it if possible, to fight with all his might if he could not avoid it, and to fight to the death… But what kind of situation was this

That person must have given him the wrong information! Otherwise, the Blood Luminescent Beast in front of him must be a different species!

Not only did Mo Yang feel this way, even Mo Chu felt that there was something strange about it.

The fear displayed by the Wild Wolf Team and the rest was not fake.

Now, they had disappeared without a trace.

In this huge area, only the two of them and the beast were left.

This clearly showed that the reputation of the Blood Luminescent Beast had spread far and wide.

Everybody thought that it was ferocious and terrifying.

However, there was nothing in front of him that could be described asTerrifying…


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