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It was a pity that Mo Chu did not find any sesame seeds.

Otherwise, if she were to sprinkle some cooked sesame seeds on it now, the taste would be even more fragrant!

However, even so, the fragrance that gushed out had already caused Roundy and the others to drool!

By the time Mo Chu brought the sweet and sour pork ribs to the table, they had already obediently sat by the table, staring at the food without blinking.

“Hurry up and eat!” Seeing this, Mo Chu could not help but smile.

She poured most of the pork ribs into the bowls of Roundy and Little Flying FOx.

The remaining portion was for her and Mo Yang.

These two little ones did not know what it meant to be reserved.

They immediately used their claws.

Without caring about the heat, they grabbed one and fed it to their mouths!

“Awooo–” It was really delicious! Roundy gnawed on the bones in the bowl contentedly.

The snow-white hair on his face was already stained with a lot of brown-red juice.

He still did not know that he was still eating happily!

The Little Flying Fox did not even say a word as it directly buried its head in the food!

After eating and drinking to its hearts content, Mo Chu took a short break and was ready to start working.

She opened the terminal and first browsed through the front page of the Spirit Food Shop.

The previous netizen,Life Without Pain, had completely recovered.

Mo Chu was also prepared to pick another patient to continue her Medicinal Cuisine experiment.

However, just after Mo Chu opened up the application function of theSpirit Food and Medicinal Cuisine section, in less than a minute, the number of applications had actually reached over a hundred! This speed caused Mo Chu to be somewhat surprised!

One had to know that when she opened up this section, no one was willing to be this experimental subject.

How could they be so enthusiastic this time

How could Mo Chu know that just after she had introduced a Spirit Food that was comparable to a top-grade medicinal pill, she had used the newest Medicinal Cuisine to cure the Federations serious illness The wordsDomineering Roundy were regarded as the symbol of a miracle!

Not to mention curing their illness, even if they were to be cut out of their flesh and blood, there might be die-hard fans who would follow suit!

“Thats great! Domineering Roundy has finally opened up the application channel.

I wonder if I can be selected this time”

“God, I have a feeling that my illness can be cured!”

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Mo Chu was carefully reading every application when her eyes suddenly focused! This was…

Suddenly, the comments forum below the already popular Spirit Food Shop exploded once again!

“Damn, am I hallucinating I actually saw the wordsSong Qingsong in the application channel!”

“Thats right, I saw it too!”

“Oh my God! Is It really our Almighty Song”

“Wow! Im so excited! Im looking forward to the day when Almighty Song can cure the genetic collapse disease!”

“My idol, Im looking forward to the day when you will rise again!”

Back then, when Song Qingsong was still a Proud Son of Heaven, the Song Family used his real name when they applied for his nickname on the Starnet in order to make use of his reputation.

People who knew Almighty Song were very clear about this.

“Young Master, dont worry.” Looking at Song Qingsongs slightly trembling hands, Uncle Wang could not help but gently persuade him.

“Even if the application is unsuccessful this time, there will be next time.

Lets not rush.

Take it slow!”

“Uncle Wang…” Looking at the comments that popped up on the terminal, Song Qingsongs expression suddenly became a little misty.

“Do you really think its possible to cure my illness”

He had held on to hope countless times in the past, but he had been disappointed again and again.

Now, he was close to despair.

However, the desire to be a powerhouse in the past finally made him muster up the courage to try again! This… was the last time!

“Of course!” Uncle Wang nodded heavily, his eyes slightly red.

“Look at how many miracles this Spirit Food Shop has created.

I believe that they will definitely cure your illness!”


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