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On the other side, Mo Chu was a little hesitant.

She bit her lower lip slightly and could not make a decision.

“Whats wrong” Mo Yang sat beside her and asked softly.

“Brother, Im a little worried.” Mo Chu paused and frowned slightly.

Now, everyone thought that Domineering Roundy was omnipotent.

However, Mo Chu was very clear that she could cure the previous case of large neck disease, there was a lot of luck involved in it.

If she were to mess it up for others…

“What are you afraid of!” Mo Yang placed his hand on Mo Chus shoulder and slightly increased his strength, “Youve already made things clear from the beginning.

The treatment effect is uncertain.

Even if something really happened in the end, everyone knows it.

They wont blame it on you.”

After all, Little Chu was still young, it was no wonder that she was a little nervous when faced with such great pressure.

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

Indeed, what was the point of paying attention to the thoughts of others Just be the best you can be!

After understanding this logic, Mo Chu could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

Her finger lightly tapped on the terminal a few times.

In the end, she approved Song Qingsongs application and left a message on the terminal.

“Im very sorry.

Originally, patients should be treated according to the order of application, but Almighty Song is my idol.

So this time, I will treat Almighty Songs genetic collapse disease first.

I hope everyone can understand.”

Just as Mo Chu sent this message, a reply post was quickly put up below.

“Its okay.

Im willing to make way for Almighty Song!”

“Me too!”

“Shop owner, you can do it! I sincerely hope that you can cure Almighty Song!”

In an instant, the news that Song Qingsong had become Domineering Roundys second patient quickly spread across the entire internet like a flash of light!

All the various factions were paying close attention to him! If Domineering Roundy could really cure Song Qingsongs fund collapse, it would mean that the entire Federations upper echelons would undergo a huge reshuffle!

The first to react was Song Qingsongs fan club, theQingsong Family.

They posted their thanks toDomineering Roundy in various ways on the internet, and even uploaded a video filled with gratitude and anticipation!

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Of course, not everyone hoped that Song Qingsong could return to normal.

At the Song Familys old residence.

“Big Brother, do you think its really possible to cure Qingsongs illness”

No one had expected that a small piece of internet news would actually gather more than a dozen rarely seen experts of the Song Family and discuss this matter.

Song Tianwen could be considered one of the more influential people in the family.

His special ability cultivation could also be considered to be in the top five of the family.

His cousin was the family head of the Song Family.

Back then, he had strongly advocated continuing to treat Song Qingsong.

After all, he had watched this child grow up.

He had outstanding talent and a stable character.

Given time, he would definitely achieve extraordinary results!

However, at that time, when the family had voted in the election, the general trend had been the same.

In the end, he had no choice but to give up on Song Qingsong.

“So what if hes cured” Another elder raised his head in disdain.

His eyes were filled with vigilance, “The family had given up on Song Qingsong just like that.

How could he not have resentment in his heart Its fine if he cant be cured.

Even if he can be cured, its impossible for him to return.

Based on his current popularity, its already not bad if he doesnt take revenge on us!”

The experts of the family began to quarrel over this issue.

Seeing that a dispute was about to break out, the old man sitting at the head of the table, Song Tiancheng, suddenly slammed the table and chair.

“What time is it You guys are still arguing here!”

“Is Song Qingsong the most important person now” As expected of the family head, he had long-term vision and sharp eyes.

He said, “The most important person right now is that Spirit Food Shops owner, Domineering Roundy.

If he really can cure Song Qingsongs genetic collapse disease, then he would be an unparalleled genius!”

“As long as we manage to win this person over, are we still afraid that our Song Family wont have a future” Song Tianchengs gaze went slightly cold.

“What were afraid of is… If this person is recruited by someone else, then our path will be even more difficult!”

“Therefore, our top priority right now…” Song Tianwen quickly understood what his cousin meant.

“Is to quickly find this Domineering Roundy man, and it would be best if we can recruit him”

“Thats right, but if he doesnt work for us…” Song Tianchengs eyes turned sharp, and killing intent instantly gushed out, “Then we will strike first! The talents that we cant obtain must definitely not fall into the hands of other families!”

At the same time, similar conversations rang out within the various families of the Federation.

The spies placed by the various families also began to operate.

Under the surface calm of the Federation, the winds and clouds gradually began to surge…


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