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“Hehe!” Mo Chu rolled his eyes at Qin Yue.

You have the nerve to say these words You have the guts to compete with me in terms of cultivation

“Hey, Mo Yang, dont you care about your sister” Unable to provoke Mo Chu, Qin Yue could only throw an olive branch at Mo Yang.

In the end, he only received three cold words, “Serves you right!”

Hey, how could he forget that this fellow Mo Yang was a total sis-con How could he speak up for him

“Big Brother is still the best to me!” Mo Chu turned around and smiled sweetly at Mo yang, “Unlike Qin Yue…”

“Ouch!” Suddenly, a painful cry sounded from behind Mo Chu.

“Im sorry, I didnt see it just now…” Mo Chu hurriedly turned her head to apologize.

Sje understood that she had bumped into someone else.

However, before she could finish jer words, she saw that the person she bumped into was Qiao Hongmei!

“Dont you watch where youre going!” Qiao Hongmei was already in a bad mood after being bumped into.

However, when she saw that the person who bumped into her was actually her sworn enemy, Mo Chu, her expression became even worse.

Her words were also a little harsh and mean.

“Hey, what did you say” Before Mo Yang could speak, Qin Yue could not stand it anymore.

During the short few days of filming, he had really treated Mo Chu as his own sister, how could he let others bully her

“What, are you prepared to bully me because there are more of you” Qiao Hongmei sneered, looking at the few of them with disdain.

“You…” Qin Yues temper flared up, but he did not care whether he was a gentleman or not.

Just as he was about to curse, his gaze suddenly changed, and he exclaimed, “Youve already entered the advanced tier 7”

Qiao Hongmei was still at the early stage of tier 6 at the beginning.

He had not expected that she would have such a huge improvement in less than two months.

“Thats right.” Upon hearing this, Qiao Hongmeis expression turned slightly better, and her chin raised arrogantly.

“The effects of the Spirit Food are really not bad.

I only took it once, and it immediately went from the intermediate stage to the advanced stage.”

Logically speaking, Qiao Hongmei did not have the qualifications to consume this Spirit Food.

However, her father still had some influence in the Qiao family.

This time, he had also spent quite a lot of money and connections to help her obtain this Spirit Food.

Oh Mo Chus gaze turned slightly on Qiao Hongmei.

Although Spirit Food had the ability to increase elemental abilities, this thing also differed from person to person.

Those with high talent naturally profited more from it than those with low talent.

From the looks of it, Qiao Hongmeis potential was really not bad!

“But…” Qiao Hongmeis gaze turned towards Mo Chu and the others, looking like she was looking at a country bumpkin, “With the likes of you, even if you bet all your assets on it, you probably wont be able to buy it.

You can only look at it with envy.”

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Heh, this woman really thought that she was standing at the top of the world!

Hearing Qiao Hongmeis smug words, the corners of Mo Chus mouth could not help but twitch.

It was just Spirit Food, right

You spent so much effort to get this thing, but we eat it as snacks every day!

“What” Seeing that Mo Chu did not make any movements, Qiao Hongmeis eyes turned slightly, and the corners of her mouth curled into a disdainful smile.

“Dont tell me you guys havent even heard of Spirit Food!”

Sure enough, they were country bumpkins, ignorant!

Mo Chu and Mo Yang looked at each other, and their eyes were filled with smiles.

Bumpkins, I really dont know who these words are referring to!

At this moment, Qin Yue was not happy, and he said in a coarse voice, “You can only rely on these external things to increase your cultivation.

Look at my brothers, Mo Chu and Mo Yang! Its only been a short while, and their cultivation has already improved by a large margin.

Theyre much more powerful than you!”

Mo Chu was very touched by Qin Yues words.

However, could he call mesister instead


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