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The Starnet was bustling with noise, but the Internet was also restless.

At this moment, Mo Yang was glaring fiercely at Ning Yiyuan.

His tone was slightly cold.

“Tell me, did you do this on purpose”

He did not know about the others, but with Ning Yiyuans status and identity, it would be easy for him to hide this matter.

However, now that the matter had been exposed, there were even signs that it was becoming more and more heated, he would never believe that Ning Yiyuan did not have a hand in this matter!

Ning Yiyuan gave a faint smile, which was a tacit agreement.

As he watched Little Chu slowly reveal her own brilliance and charm, Ning Yiyuan, who had never known what it meant to be flustered, could not help but feel a little anxious.

He took advantage of this matter to push the boat along with the current, at the very least, he had to declare his sovereignty first so that other men would not dare to target Mo Chu.

“You!” Seeing the smile in Ning Yiyuans eyes, Mo Yang was so angry that he gnashed his teeth.

He wished that he could punch that handsome face of his right now.

He gritted his teeth and mocked, “As expected of the experienced Marshal Ning.


Just a moment ago, Mo Yang had admired this Marshal very much.

In his heart, he was a complete miracle!

He was extremely intelligent, courageous, and resolute.

It was already very rare for a person to possess one of these qualities, not to mention that Ning Yiyuan had all three! His achievements and feats were enough to make everyone respect him!

However… Once this person wanted to get his hands on Little Chu, Mo Yangs admiration for him immediately disappeared without a trace.

His impression of him instantly fell from being a genius to being a shameless wolf with a big tail!

“Mo Yang,” Ning Yiyuans expression changed slightly, and his gaze became serious.

“Actually, you know in your heart that Im the best choice.”

“Little Chu is becoming more and more outstanding.

Its inevitable that shell attract the admiration and covetousness of many men, and Ill be the best shield.”

“Ive said before that Im willing to be Little Chus Guardian.” Ning Yiyuan smiled faintly.

“If Little Chu is willing to accept me when she grows up, then naturally, everyone will be happy.

If shes not willing, then Ill let her go without hesitation.”

“No matter how you look at it, Little Chu wont be at a disadvantage.”

It had to be said that Ning Yiyuan was indeed an expert negotiator.

In just a few short sentences, he had already identified the pros and cons, immediately pressing down on the key points.

Mo Yangs expression sank slightly.

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Ning Yiyuans words were not without reason.

The current Little Chu was already enough to attract the attention of others.

Once it was revealed that she wasDomineering Roundy in the future, she would probably not be able to rest in peace!

Perhaps… Mo Yang tilted his head slightly and looked at Ning Yiyuan beside him.

This persons suggestion could still be considered.

What kind of person was Ning Yiyuan Naturally, he could also see the change in Mo Yangs attitude.

His heart could not help but be delighted, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

On the other side.

Qin Yue sat opposite Mo Chu, propping his head up as he sized her up carefully.

From time to time, he would make clicking sounds.

Mo Chu felt her hair stand on end when he looked at her.

She took a few steps back and asked softly, “What are you doing”

“Looking at you!” Qin Yue answered straightforwardly.

His big eyes were still staring at her blankly.

Mo Chu coughed twice and leaned back.

“Why are you looking at me”

“Of course, Im looking at how youre charming.” Qin Yue straightened Mo Chus head with a serious face.

“Otherwise, how could you charm Marshal Ning”

“Tsk tsk, I didnt expect that one day, my brother-in-law would be Ning Yiyuan!” Qin Yue raised his head slightly, his eyes sparkling.

“Brother… Brother-in-law” Mo Chus mouth twitched slightly.

“Thats right!” Qin Yue turned around and patted Mo Chus shoulder with his big palm.

“Youre my sister, So Ning Yiyuan is naturally my brother-in-law, right”


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