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“How fragrant…” The words that were almost whispered leaked out from the friction between his lips.

Licking the tenderness under his lips, Ning Yiyuan could not help but let out a soft breath.

He felt that his previously agitated heart had instantly calmed down.

No! Very quickly, Ning Yiyuan realized that his thoughts were completely wrong.

The calmness only lasted for a moment.

As the kiss between the two deepened, Ning Yiyuan only felt that the bottom of his heart was becoming more and more agitated.

It was as if a hole had been dug, and he always wanted to find something to fill it up.

It was not enough, it was still not enough!

Ning Yiyuan suddenly increased the intensity of his kiss.

He even attempted to use his tongue to pry open Mo Chus slightly closed lips.

‘Mutual love and affection, these four words were meaningless words in the past.

Now, they had become the deepest desire in his heart! He wanted to hug her fiercely, and even force her into his bones and blood.

This way, he could feel her existence at any time.

Mo Chu was shocked!

After all, she was still young.

No matter how much Ning Yiyuan had gone overboard before, he would always treat her gently.

He had never been so direct before.

It was as if even this kiss was slightly hot and passionate! This swift and fierce attack was something that Mo Chu could not accept… she pushed Ning Yiyuan away!

“Whats wrong” Ning Yiyuan was slightly stunned.

When he saw the wound on the corner of Mo Chus mouth, he could not help but be shocked! He hurriedly took a few steps forward and held Mo Chus shoulder with one hand, while the other hand lightly rubbed against her torn lips.

His tone was filled with regret and pity.

“Did I hurt you”

Mo Chu did not say anything and only lowered her head slightly.

However, it was because of this action that she saw Ning Yiyuans lower body standing upright…

She was not an ignorant young lady.

Although she had never been in a relationship before, thanks to the explosive internet information of the 21st century, she already knew most of the physiological knowledge she needed to know.

Naturally, she also knew what Ning Yiyuans current actions meant.

Her small face instantly flushed red!

“Im sorry, I couldnt control myself.” Ning Yiyuan did not notice Mo Chus strange behavior at this moment.

His heart was filled with frustration and self-blame.

Damn it! Where did the self-control that he had always been proud of go How could it disappear the moment he touched Mo Chu

“Does it hurt” Ning Yiyuans finger touched the wound.

Mo Chu subconsciously shrank in pain.

This pitiful look made Ning Yiyuan feel even more guilty.

“Wait a minute, Ill go and ask if theres any medicine.”

“No need.” Mo Chu pulled Ning Yiyuan back and turned to leave.

After hesitating for a long time, she stammered, “Um… Are you feeling uncomfortable”

“Hmm” Ning Yiyuan, who had always been intelligent, was a little confused for the first time.

Wasnt… wasnt it Little Chu who was injured

However, following Mo Chus gaze and looking at his lower body, Ning Yiyuan finally understood.

So this little girl also knew how to feel sorry for him! At the thought of this, the corners of Ning Yiyuans mouth could not help but curl up into a smile.

His tone was a little relaxed.

“Ill just endure it!”

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This little girl, Mo Chu, was still young.

He reckoned that he would still have to endure for a long time!

“Okay.” The heat on Mo Chus face had not subsided.

It was so hot that it made Ning Yiyuans hands Itchy.

His big hands with calluses touched her smooth and tender face.

“How about you Does your lips still hurt” Ning Yiyuan bent down slightly, the hot breath seemed to fall on her ear, and even Mo Chus earlobes began to turn red.

She quickly stepped back.

“Its… Its okay.

Itll be fine in a while.”

If Ning Yiyuan really went to get the medicine and others asked him what it was for, then she would really be too ashamed to live! Anyway, the wound was not big, and it should heal on its own soon.

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan replied softly, but in his heart, he was thinking of going to Zhong Wens place to get some medicine later.

Just as the two of them were feeling affectionate, the door suddenly opened and Mo Yang walked in.

As soon as he saw Ning Yiyuans figure, he immediately frowned.

Why was this guy still here

After thinking for a moment, Mo Yang finally reacted.

Heh! What a good kid! So when he went to chase Qin Yue just now, Ning Yiyuan took the opportunity to seduce his sister

When he thought about how he had indirectly created an opportunity for him, Mo Yangs heart was filled with frustration! His face immediately darkened and his tone carried a hint of impatience.

“Why arent you leaving yet Hurry up, dont waste time!”

After meeting Little Chu today and achieving his initial goal, Ning Yiyuan also knew how to quit when the time was right.

He smiled at Mo Chu and turned around to leave.

Not long after they walked out of their house, the terminal rang.

Ning Yiyuan opened it, and his tone was a little lighthearted.

“Zuo Lin, whats the matter”

“Um…” Zuo Lin coughed twice and turned his head to look at the middle-aged man standing beside him.

His heart could not help but tremble, “Well, Boss, your father is here! Hes in the office right now.

Why dont you hurry back”

Aiyo! Why would the Bosss father suddenly come here It gave him a big fright!

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuans footsteps paused slightly.

His tone was a little low.

“I understand.

Ill be back soon.”

In the Marshals office, the atmosphere was unusually gloomy.

A middle-aged man was standing at would not the side with a cold expression.

His temperament was exactly the same as Ning Yiyuans, except that his right leg was slightly lame.

However, if one did not look carefully, they would not notice it.


“Uncle Ning, do you want to sit down and wait” Zuo Lin took a deep breath and looked at him ingratiatingly.

How could Uncle Ning stand on his leg for a long time However, he was very stubborn and just stood there!

Furthermore, since the Bosss father was standing, how could the juniors dare to sit down It had already been a few hours, yet they were just standing there like that.

It must be heartbreaking! Boss, when are you coming back Hurry up and save us!

Perhaps Ning Yiyuan heard his thoughts, but the office door suddenly opened and a tall and sturdy figure walked in.

Wow! Zuo Lin finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Boss, youre finally back!


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