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He turned his head to look at his son opposite him.

Ning Yiyuan was in charge of two-thirds of the Federations army.

The sooner he knew of this news, the better.

It was precisely because of this matter that he took the time to make a trip here.

“What “Upon hearing this, Ning Yiyuans expression instantly turned solemn.

One had to know that the army of District 12 was a part of the management of his subordinates.

Their military strength had always been strong, and the soldiers were also very healthy, how could such a thing suddenly happen at this moment

In just a short moment, Ning Yiyuans mind had already started spinning rapidly.

Thinking about the reason for the sudden outbreak of the disease and the relevant preventive measures, he could not help but frown.

“Why didnt such a big matter be reported earlier”

Now that an army was weak, the situation was not good! If information could be transmitted earlier, they might be able to contain the situation in time.

“Hmph!” Hearing this, Ning Zhenhai could not help but sneer.

“If this matter were to spread, the number of people implicated would be very wide.

Naturally, many people would want to cover up this news!”

Of course, they could not rule out the possibility of other families adding fuel to the fire from behind.

After all, as long as the epidemic spread in the army, Ning Yiyuans subordinates would suffer the greatest losses.

It would also be a big blow to the Ning Family.

“I understand.” Ning Yiyuan naturally understood the stakes involved, and he quickly made a decision.

“After the matters here are sorted out, I will immediately rush to District 12 to investigate and deal with the situation of this disease.”

“Mm.” Ning Zhenhai nodded.

He still had some understanding of his sons ability, so he naturally would not say anything more.

However, once the official business was over, the atmosphere between the two instantly turned cold again.

The Ning Family was the most typical military family.

It was very common for them not to see each other for three to five months.

If something unexpected happened again, it would not be surprising if they could not return home for a year or two.

In addition, they both had cold and hard personalities, naturally, their relationship could not be said to be warm.

“Oh, right.” After a full 20 minutes, Ning Zhenhai brought up another topic, breaking the silence.

“Before I came here, your grandfather asked me to tell you something.

He said that you should be self-disciplined when it comes to your feelings and not create any gossip.”

Ning Zhenhai knew what the old man was implying.

After all, he was now in politics.

He needed to pay attention to all kinds of information, not to mention that this news had caused such a big stir on the Starnet.

However, to be honest, Ning Zhenhai himself did not quite believe this.

Although he had only spent a short amount of time with Ning Yiyuan, he still had some understanding of his sons character.

How could he suddenly get together with a 16 or 17-year-old girl

However, it was the words of an elder, after all.

However, this time, Ning Yiyuans reaction was unexpected.

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“The news on the internet is all true.” Facing Ning Zhenhais gaze, Ning Yiyuans expression did not change, but his tone was calm and firm.

Perhaps it was because of the mention of Mo Chu, but his usually cold and hard gaze had softened a little.

“I really like Mo Chu, and Im willing to be her Guardian.”

Hearing this, Ning Zhenhais straight brows could not help but furrow slightly.

His sharp eyes carefully sized up Ning Yiyuan who was sitting opposite him.

When he took a closer look, he could not help but be shocked!

In the past, this kid rarely paid attention to his attire.

He only had one or two sets of casual clothes by his side.

Other than that, he only had a few sets of military uniforms to change into.

At this moment, he was wearing a slim dark blue suit.

His brows were bright and his eyes were bright.

He was truly handsome and resolute, even his gaze became gentle.

He was completely different from the cold and Hard Ning Yiyuan from before! Looking at his appearance, he was really in a relationship


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