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Chen Bai was very excited when he thought that theGreen Hope in their laboratory would soon grow up.

“Dont worry, Teacher.” Mo Chu blinked mischievously.

“I promise to complete the task!”

Coincidentally, the location of this Flower Tree happened to be in District 12, which could be considered her hometown!

“Alright, then Ill wait for your triumphant return.” Chen Bai stretched out his hand and patted Mo Chus head, the smile on his face could not be concealed.

He had always been obsessed with the research of magical plants, so naturally, he did not get married and have children.

He originally thought that he would never have children in this lifetime, but he did not expect that he would find a little disciple like Mo Chu, who was both obedient and intelligent.

She was so thoughtful! As time passed, he began to treat Mo Chu as his own daughter.

“No problem.”Mo Chu nodded with a smile.

She also knew that the sooner this matter was completed, the better.

After she applied for leave at the Military Academy, she would set off that afternoon and leave.

Tsk tsk! Qiao Hongmeis eyes could not help but flash when she heard the news, and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

Once she left… It would not be so easy to come back!

“Roundy, do you think well run into space pirates again this time” Mo Chu was sitting on the interstellar ship that was flying to District 12.

She could not help but recall the first time he met Ning Yiyuan.

At that time, she thought that Ning Yiyuan was a reclusive expert and even called himUncle.

She did not know how he must have felt at that time.

When she thought of this, the corner of Mo Chus mouth could not help but curl up into a faint smile.

“Ao ao–” Perhaps it was because it had slept for too long before, but Roundy was very energetic now.

It had been jumping on Mo Chus legs the entire time.

This was great! This time, only it and Mo Chu would go.

There were no other followers.

This could not be any better!

Mo Yang was initially worried about her coming out alone.

It was just that the mecha training in the Military Academy still had to continue.

Moreover, there was not much danger this time, so Mo Chu also planned to take action on his own.

In the end, Mo Yang could not dissuade Little Chu, so he could only watch as she and Roundy set off.

Their journey was rather smooth, and they soon arrived at District 12.

Mo Chu did not have time to rest.

He directly followed the topographic map given by Teacher Chen Bai to search for the Flower Tree.

Different from other magical plants, this Flower Tree was exceptionally beautiful.

On its emerald green leaves grew all sorts of colorful flowers, bright and beautiful.

This special appearance was very eye-catching, and Mo Chu found it very quickly.

Just as she was about to transplant it, a group of soldiers suddenly appeared from the side.

Their faces were solemn, and they looked at her with some sizing up in their eyes.

“Tell me, how did you get in here”

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“Huh” What did they mean Mo Chu was stunned, and she told the truth.

“I walked in… From there.”

Hearing this, the leading soldier could not help but frown.

He waved his hand behind him, and the other soldier quickly ran forward.

He only came back after a moment, and no one knew what he was saying beside his ear, the leading soldiers frown immediately relaxed and an apologetic expression appeared on his face.

“Im sorry, we cant let you go now.”

“Why” Mo Chu asked in puzzlement.

“You just came to District 12, right” Without waiting for Mo Chus reply, a bitter smile appeared on the leading soldiers face.

“Now, theres a disease thats spreading in the entire District 12.

Once we enter the affected area, we cant go in or out again.”

“This place was just sealed as the affected area yesterday.

In the end, we did not have the time to write the notification notice.

Now that youve come, Im afraid you wont be able to leave…”

These few soldiers also felt apologetic.

At first, they thought that she was preparing to escape, in the end, it was the exact opposite.

Because of their negligence, a perfectly innocent young lady was suddenly implicated.

This epidemic was coming in full force.

In just a short one to two months, more than half of the people had died.

This little girls luck was not good.

Why did she have to come here

Mo Chu blinked blankly.

She was just transplanting a magical plant, right How could she fall into an epidemic


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