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“Come with us.” Perhaps it was because he felt a little apologetic towards Mo Chu, the soldier directly brought her to a small room at the back of the army and said softly, “Its safer here.

Someone will bring you food later.”

Looking at the small and petite girl in front of him, the soldier could not help but show some worry on his face.

Due to the frequent outbreaks of disease, District 12 had already fallen into chaos.

Killing, wounding, and plundering could be seen everywhere.

Unfortunately, there were not many soldiers left.

Other than maintaining the basic order, there was nothing else they could do.

These soldiers did not know about celebrities like Lucky Star and the others.

After all, they had been hiding under the shadow of the epidemic for the past two to three months.

How would they have the time to watch a reality show It was understandable that they did not know about Mo Chu.

However, her delicate and well-behaved appearance was quite popular everywhere.

“Oh right, if you dont have anything to do, dont go out and run around.” After thinking for a while, the soldier reminded Mo chu, “Its not safe outside now!”

“Thank you, I understand.” Mo Chu nodded.

Although the soldier only said a few words, after following them all the way back, Mo Chu had some confidence! It seemed that District 12 was in complete chaos!

On the way back, there were many corpses beside them.

Most of the people walking around were numb, as if they had lost their souls, leaving only a shriveled body behind.

“Why are you here” Mo Chu stayed in the room for a long time, but in the end, she could not help but walk out.

Just as she was about to take a walk, she only took two or three steps when he met an old acquaintance!

“Youre… Hu Qing” After hesitating for a while, Mo Chu finally recognized her.

Mo Yang had joined the regiment in District 12, and this girl seemed to be the daughter of the regiment commander!

In fact, Mo Chu could not be blamed for this.

The truth was that she did not have a deep impression of Hu Qing.

She had only met her a few times back then, and her current image was quite different from before!

The epidemic of the 12th district was wreaking havoc, and there was a severe shortage of food and medicine.

Even Hu Qing, a special ability user, was starved to the point that her face was sallow and emaciated, with no color left in it.

She was no longer as beautiful and moving as before!

In comparison, Mo Chu was a little more eye-catching.

Her face was fair and ruddy, and her clothes were as clean as new.

More importantly, her temperament was clean, and she looked completely different from the people around her! Looking at her hands, she was actually holding a fat pet.

Damn, did she really think that she was here for a holiday

“You just came” Hu Qings eyes were obviously gloating.

This wretched girl was also very stupid.

At this time, she actually came here to seek death

“So what” Mo Chu naturally saw the malice in Hu Qings eyes.

He already had a bad impression of her, and now she could not be bothered to pay attention to her.

“You!” Hu Qings face immediately darkened when she was treated by Mo Chus cold attitude.

She was just a trash-like girl, and she actually dared to treat her like this! If it was not for her father taking in Mo Yang back then, this girl might have died somewhere long ago!

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Hu Qings eyes narrowed.

She had learned to be smarter these days.

She lowered her head slightly, and her long bangs conveniently covered the disgust and hatred in her eyes.

“Oh right, Big Brother Mo Yang didnt come with you”

“No.” Mo Chu shook her head slightly.

“This is bad!” Hu Qing raised her head and frowned.

She looked really anxious, “My father said that he had something to give to him.

In the end, when you left, you didnt even leave an address.

This matter was left unresolved.”


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