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As she said this, Hu Qings eyes suddenly lit up.

She clapped her hands and said with a smile, “But Mo Yang isnt here yet.

My dad can give you the things first!”

“What things” Mo Chu was originally not going to pay attention to this person, but when it came to Mo Yang, she naturally could not just ignore her.

“Lets go.” Hu Qing put on a smile and even prepared to pull Mo Chu.

“You come with me.

My dad and the other members are over there.

If they see you, they will definitely be very happy!”

Mo Chu turned her body slightly and avoided her hand.

She was also dubious about Hu Qings words.

“How about this, you lead the way and I will follow behind.”

“Alright then.” Seeing this, Hu Qing could not help but curl her lips.

When she turned around, her eyes could not help but flash!

The two of them walked for about ten minutes, but Mo Chu felt that something was wrong.

Previously, she could still see a few figures, but now it was getting more and more desolate.

“Where are you taking me” Mo Chu stopped and looked sharply at Hu Qing.

Being stared at by Mo Chu, Hu Qings heart could not help but jump, but she secretly suppressed it.

She tried hard to maintain the calm on her face, and her mouth slightly pouted.

“Where else can I go Ill take you to find my dad and the others!”

“This place… isnt something wrong” Mo Chus eyes were cold as he asked in a low voice.

“What are you thinking about The places you lived in before were all single rooms.” Hu Qing frowned and explained, “This place is filled with people.

If you dont believe me, look ahead.

Arent there a lot of people”

These words made sense.

Mo Chu raised her eyebrows and took a few steps forward.

Looking into the distance, it was just as Hu Qing had said.

There were a lot of people in front of her.

“Alright, now you know that Im not lying to you, right” Hu Qing rolled her eyes and said, “If it wasnt for brother Mo Yang, do you think I would be willing to talk to you Youre so annoying, hurry up and leave!”

Hearing this, Mo Chus guard was lowered a little.

She took big steps forward.

Seeing that she was about to enter, Hu Qing suddenly pushed her from behind!

Mo Chu was caught off guard and fell straight in! “Hmph, youre done.

Just wait for your death inside!” Hu Qings expression suddenly changed, revealing a sinister look.

Her eyes were filled with pride!

After saying this, she quickly turned around and ran in the opposite direction.

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Mo Chu immediately reacted.

Damn it! She had been tricked!

“Ao ao–” Roundy, who had been lying peacefully in Mo Chus arms, fell to the ground.

It opened her eyes drowsily and looked around in a daze.

What was going on

Mo Chu quickly stood up and carried Roundy away.

However, she was stopped by a few soldiers with long spears.

One of them said coldly, “This is the isolation center for patients.

Once you enter, you cant go out!”

“No, Im not sick.

I was pushed in.” Mo Chu quickly explained to him, “Didnt you see it just now It was that girl who pushed me in!”

In the end, this soldier also had a rigid personality.

He just accepted this logic.

After all, no matter how she go in, she would not be able to leave!

Mo Chus explained until her saliva almost dried up, but this soldier still had an indifferent expression on his face.

In the end, she had no choice but to turn around and walk in.

As she walked, she was shocked!

When she looked from afar just now, there were indeed many people.

Now that she was close, she realized that most of these people had ulcers on their faces and their expressions were numb.

They were much more miserable than the passersby that she had seen before!


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