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“Aooo–” Roundys little claws tightly held onto Mo Chus arm, its chubby little face tightly creased together.

Whats wrong with these people It feels quite terrifying! Are they preparing to cosplay as magical beasts No creativity!

Mo Chu mistook Roundys expression for fear and shook her head slightly.

She stretched out her hand and poked its brows.

Come on, arent you a ferocious magical beast Why are you acting like you want to be comforted

However… Mo Chu suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Her facial features were sharp, and she could hear the constant ringing of mournful howls.

It was as if the howls were drilling into her ears!

Mo Chus eyes could not help but narrow.

She looked around.

This was no longer the lively District 12 from before, right This was clearly a gloomy hell on Earth!

When Ning Yiyuan arrived at District 12, he realized that the situation was far more serious than he had imagined.

Previously, it was said that only an army was infected with an epidemic disease.

Now, it seemed that the entire District 12 had fallen into chaos.

They had just walked out of District 12s territory when they saw a desolate scene.

From a few steps away, they could see corpses lying on the ground.

Their faces were rotten and they emitted a disgusting stench.

“The officials of District 12 arent doing anything” Zhong Wen was a medical expert, so he naturally came along.

Looking at the corpses lying on the ground, he could not help but furrow his brows.

District 12 was currently at its sunniest.

If these corpses were not dealt with in time, they would quickly become a source of infection, creating a new wave of infection.

“Well know when we get there!” Ning Yiyuans expression became more and more solemn along the way.

He had brought 10,000 military forces and dozens of medical experts with him this time, but these people were still behind, the two of them took the initiative and decided to check the situation first.

Ning Yiyuan had originally thought that he was fully prepared, but now it seemed that the situation was indeed troublesome!

“Save me, save me…” The two of them had just stepped into the center of District 12 when they saw a man lying on the ground.

His limbs were weak, and his dying face was full of ulcers, but he was still mumbling softly.

“Boss, Ill go take a look first.” Zhong Wens eyes lit up.

After walking so far, this was the first time he had seen a living person.

Although this persons condition seemed to be very serious.

As a doctor, his heart would not allow him to retreat.

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan carefully looked at Zhong Wens defensive measures and only nodded when he felt that there was no problem.

“Ill go with you.”

Wearing anti-staining gloves, Zhong Wen carefully examined this mans condition and his brows fiercely furrowed!

“How is it” Ning Yiyuan stood at the side.

When he saw the rarely seen serious expression on Zhong Wens face, his eyes could not help but darken.

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Zhong Wen did not immediately reply.

Instead, he quickly took out the emergency equipment from the terminal and injected the latestEmergency Serum developed by the Federation into this mans body.

“Hmm… save me, save me!” The mans voice had some strength in it.

His closed eyes also began to rotate slightly.

When he saw this, Zhong Wens eyes could not help but light up.

However, he could not be happy for too long.

The mans voice immediately weakened, and very soon, his breathing was completely cut off.

Zhong Wens expression instantly became dispirited.

He held the first aid in his hand, and his eyes were filled with confusion.

What was going on Emergency Serum was the latest drug developed by the Federation in recent decades.

It could regulate the human bodys functions in a short period of time, replenish energy, and improve the bodys condition.

The previous clinical effects were all very good, how could it be ineffective on this man this time

“Even Emergency Serum is ineffective” Ning Yiyuan was also stunned.

Although he was not specialized in medical skills, he had Zhong Wen by his side, so he knew more about this aspect than ordinary people.


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