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“Good job! Who gave you the courage to cover up this news Cant you see that youve already turned District 12 turned into a huge mess”

“You…” After all, Wang Lanjiang was the District Chief of District 12.

Now that he was being pointed at and scolded like this, how could he not be angry

His face darkened and he slammed his palm on the table, shaking the things on the table.

Who was this kid who dared to treat him like this “Wheres the security get him out of here!”

“Im Ning Yiyuan.” Wang Lanjiang was stunned when he heard this.

Just these 3 words left him speechless.

“From now on, Ill take over all the missions.

Now, bring me the specific information on this epidemic.”

Ning… Ning Yiyuan

Wang Lanjiangs face instantly turned pale.

He had clearly already sent people to seal off the news of the entire 12th district.

Why would he suddenly come here

Wang Lanjiang did not doubt the authenticity of Ning Yiyuans identity.

Since he was in his position, he naturally had some ability to judge people.

Now that he took a closer look, he could tell that this aura of his was definitely that of the Federations Marshal Ning!

“Hurry up!” Ning Yiyuan shouted in a low voice.

He had to put the punishment for Wang Lanjiang at the back of his mind for now.

The most important thing now was to control the situation in District 12 first.

“Yes, yes!” Wang Lanjiang, who was still arrogant just a moment ago, immediately acted like a follower.

He nodded repeatedly and placed all the information in front of Ning Yiyuan one by one.

One had to know that the person in front of him was someone who would kill without batting an eye.

If it had been someone else, Wang Lanjiang might have even dared to fool him.

But against Ning Yiyuan, it was better to forget about it!

Zhong Wen also sat at the side and read all the relevant information.

The expression on his face became more and more serious.

“Where is Shen Yi from the Medical Center now” Shen Yi and Zhong Wen were classmates from the same school.

Naturally, Zhong Wen had some understanding of his ability.

Moreover, he had stayed in District 12 for a long time, so he should know more about this illness.

“Umm…” Wang Lanjiang wiped the cold sweat on his head and opened his mouth, but he could not say anything.

How could he care about a mere medical expert

The deputy district chief who followed him answered, “Shen Yi should still be studying at the Medical Center at this moment.”

“Alright then.” Zhong Wen nodded and gave Ning Yiyuan a look.

“Boss, Ill go over and take a look first.”

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“Alright, you go ahead.” The medical matters could only be left to Zhong Wen and the others.

As for Ning Yiyuan, he still needed to deal with other issues.

This District Chief was not brainless.

He knew to separate the non-infected people from the infected.

It was just that the area involved was too large and difficult to manage.

“First, integrate the non-infected army into three teams.” After thinking for a moment, Ning Yiyuans orders were passed down quickly and effectively, “I will distribute the anti-infection equipment to ensure their safety.”

“The first team will deal with the patients scattered on the roadside.

Those who are still alive will be moved to the isolation center immediately.

As for the dead patients, its best to confirm their identities and then burn them together.”

This was the only way to prevent a large-scale infection.

“The second team will need to gather the patients scattered all over District 12.

They will be managed separately by the severity of the disease.”

“The last team will need to gather the remaining security personnel in District 12 as well to maintain order.

They will need to check if there are any carriers among them at any time.

If anything goes wrong, they will be brought to the isolation center immediately.”

Seeing Ning Yiyuans orderly arrangements and his calm expression, the other staff members who were already in a mess gradually calmed down.

They no longer had the panic and fear they had before.


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