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“Its okay! Dont be afraid!” Ning Yiyuans embrace was as warm as usual, but her arms were slightly tightened, making Mo Chu unable to breathe.

The warm breath blew into her ears, “I will definitely cure you!”

The people around were all dumbfounded!

The soldier just said that once this girl entered the Quarantine Center, she had to be with those infected patients.

How could she not be infected Marshal Ning hugged her just like that Was he not worried at all that she would be infected

“This little girl is…” The deputy district chief ead was also beside her.

Ever since the outbreak of the disease, he had always thought that he was rather calm.

However, the scene today had completely stunned him!

Could it be that this little girl was Marshal Nings Family That was why the usually cold and hard Ning Yiyuan had suddenly become as gentle as water

The deputy district chief secretly sized her up, but he felt that something was wrong.

Even with Marshal Nings sticky gaze, it did not seem like they were family.

At this moment, Mo Chu, who was being observed by countless people, raised her head slightly.

She looked at the man who was tightly hugging her.

Ning Yiyuans deep eyes were filled with worry and comfort for her, and he did not care about his own safety at all.

“Arent you… Afraid”

“No!” These two words were resolute and decisive.

After patting Mo Chus head, Ning Yiyuan raised her head and looked around at the crowd.

His tone carried some warmth.

“I am her Guardian! I will definitely not let anything happen to her.

The same goes for all of you!”

Guardian Upon hearing these words, everyone elses faces were filled with shock.

Even if they racked their brains just now, they would never have thought that Marshal Ning was actually this little girls Guardian!

Mo Chu was speechless.

She had clearly not agreed to this matter, but Ning Yiyuan was rather good at persuading everyone.

With just a few words, he had secretly decided on this matter.

At this moment, the man who was lying on the ground and convulsing violently just a moment ago was actually gradually recovering.

The spasms in his body slowly subsided, and even his breathing had calmed down quite a bit.

“Look!” The mans family members were the first to notice this situation, and they cried out in surprise!

Zhong Wen turned around and immediately squatted down when he saw the situation.

He examined the man and his eyes lit up.

The illness was actually under control.

Although it was not completely cured, the effect was still very shocking! Could it be that the Repulsion Vine could really cure this illness

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The rest of the people naturally saw this scene as well.

They looked at Mo Chu with sparkling eyes! They did not expect this little girl to be so powerful!

These past few days, they could only silently endure the torment of this illness.

Even if they took the medicine, the effects were not that obvious.

They did not expect that when this petite little girl attacked, the effects would be so obvious!

For a moment, their eyes were burning as they stared at Mo Chu!

When they thought about how this little girl had also come out from the Quarantine Center, they took a closer look.

There was not the slightest bit of festering on her body.

Moreover, her complexion was ruddy and her eyes were sparkling.

She did not look like she was infected at all!

Could it be that she had cured herself Otherwise, how could she have alleviated this mans spasms When they thought about this, everyone looked at Mo Chu as if she was a god, their eyes filled with worship!

Mmm… It had to be said that the effects of imagination were still very powerful.

Since the situation had been temporarily controlled, Ning Yiyuan immediately sent a signal to the deputy district chief beside him, who was so shocked that his mouth was wide open.

One could faintly see his gums.

This deputy district chief was quite tactful.

He immediately came back to his senses and began to guide the evacuation management from the side.

Very quickly, the chaotic scene from a moment ago immediately became orderly.

After the crowd left, Ning Yiyuan slightly let go of his embrace and carefully sized up Mo Chu.

Although her small face was a little thinner, she still looked energetic.


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