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“Let me examine her.” Shen Yi took the examination equipment and carefully examined Mo Chus body.

“How long have you been in the Quarantine Center”

He still had a deep impression of Mo Yangs younger sister.

After all, with her extremely allergic constitution, she could be considered one of a kind in the entire Federation!

“Two days.” The corners of Mo Chus mouth curled up slightly as she explained softly, “However, I wasnt infected previously.

It was only due to an accident that I was accidentally tricked into going in.”

“Oh” Upon hearing this, Shen Yis hand suddenly paused for a moment.

Ning Yiyuans face also darkened a little! She was tricked into going in Who actually had the guts to do so

After a series of tests, Shen Yi could not help but reveal a look of surprise.

This disease was highly contagious, and they had all witnessed it! However, the amazing thing was that this girl, Mo Chu, had stayed in the Quarantine Center for two whole days, and now, there was no sign of infection at all! This was simply a miracle!

“How is it” Ning Yiyuan put a hand on Mo Chus shoulder and frowned.

When he saw that Shen Yi had finished his tests, he immediately went forward and asked.

“Theres actually no sign of infection!” Shen Yi did not have time to tidy up the examination equipment.

He stared at Mo Chu with an astonishingly bright gaze.

This girls resistance was simply incredible! Moreover, when he thought of how Mo Chu had saved a patient, Shen Yis eyes became fiery!

At the same time, Hu Qing, who was walking forward in the crowd, widened her eyes in shock!

She… What did she just hear

Marshal Ning was actually Mo Chus Guardian.

How was this possible If he knew that she had tricked Mo Chu into going to the Quarantine Center, then wouldnt he…

The more she thought about it, the more flustered she became.

Hu Qing ran a few steps forward with a pale face.

In the end, she stumbled and almost fell to the ground!

Fortunately, a woman beside her helped her up in time.

“Young lady, are you… Are you alright”

“Im…” Before she could finish her sentence, Hu Qings expression suddenly changed and she fiercely shook off the woman beside her hand! She cursed in disgust, “Youre already infected and you still dare to touch me Get lost quickly!”

The woman who helped her up had a beautiful face and a gentle appearance.

However, both sides of her cheeks were slightly bruised.

This was clearly a symptom of being infected!

There were also a few patients who were infected.

When they saw this scene, their hearts immediately froze.

Other people had helped her out of kindness, but in the end, she was still looked down upon by others.

This girl was really an ingrate!

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“What You still look down on us” Some of the patients were not as kind.

When they saw this scene, they naturally felt resentful.

They strode over to Hu Qing.

Their condition was much more serious than that of the woman just now, their faces were almost rotten.

Some of them were even dripping pus.

It was a terrifying sight to behold!

“You, you… What do you want” Hu Qing was a bully.

Seeing these patients swarming toward her, her face turned pale!

“What do we want” One of the men chuckled and strode toward her.

The muscles on his face twitched, and his skin and flesh turned red.

He looked so miserable that it was shocking!


Hu Qing waved her hand, and scattered flames lit up in her hand.

“I told you, Im a special ability user.

If you touch me, Ill burn all of you!”

At this moment, the sweat on Hu Qings back had soaked her clothes.

Only she herself knew that those words were just for show.

Her special abilities were only at tier 1 or 2.

Plus, she had not cultivated for a long time, so her cultivation base had fallen to an unknown level!


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