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“Why dont we go and take a look now” When it came to such medical problems, Shen Yi instantly became energetic and his mind became more active.

“There are still a few seriously ill patients in the Medical Center who have fallen into a coma.

Maybe we can start with them and find some clues!”

“Yeah!” Zhong Wen nodded in agreement.

Then, he turned to look at Mo Chu.

“Do you want to come with us”

He did not expect this little girl to be quite talented in medicine.

The two of them could not figure out the problem, but this little girl actually saw through it in just a few days.

It was really not to be underestimated!

“Little Chu, why dont you stay” Ning Yiyuan frowned.

Since they wanted to find clues from the patients, there would inevitably be an autopsy.

He was afraid that this little girl, Mo Chu, would not be able to stand the bloody scene, so he simply told her to avoid it.

When Ning Yiyuan said this, Zhong Wen finally noticed the problem.

It was really true.

An ordinary person would probably not be able to stand it if they went to see an autopsy so casually!

“Its fine.

I also want to find out what kind of magical beast this is as soon as possible.” He did not expect that Mo Chu was so brave that she immediately followed behind Zhong Wen and the others.

Since they had made the decision, they immediately drove the Drive Machine to the Medical Center.

Because they had already informed the other medical staff on the terminal to get ready, when they arrived, a critically ill patient had already been injected with anesthetic and was pushed into the operating room.

They put on their sterile clothes and anti-staining equipment.

They looked at each other, took a deep breath, and strode in.

The patient was very sick.

His face had almost completely ulcerated, and his facial features could not even be distinguished.

Even his limbs were starting to swell, and the pus was mixed with white paste.

It was disgusting to look at.

Zhong Wen and Shen Yi, on the other hand, looked calm.

The scalpel in their hands shone with a cold light and slashed downwards, tearing open the skin, and blood splattered out bit by bit!

The skin was peeled open layer by layer, revealing the internal organs inside.

In the midst of the blood, the scalpel was constantly turning over, carefully looking for its target.

Time passed bit by bit, and the two people who were operating the scalpel did not seem to be irritated at all.

Their movements were still orderly, but the sweat on their foreheads revealed the worry in their hearts.

“Here!” Mo Chus eyes were sharp.

She quickly noticed that a piece of tissue on the kidney was actually squirming slightly.

His heart could not help but feel strange, so she extended her hand and pointed upwards.

The sharp scalpel made a slight cut, and the tissue was cut open.

After the fresh blood split open, a small white unknown object was moving inside! Compared to the slow heartbeat and damaged organs, this thing was strangely lively!

However, this white unknown object was only one-tenth the size of a fingernail.

Normally, it would be easily overlooked.

However, they were already prepared, so they naturally would not miss it.

Shen Yi and Zhong Wen looked at each other, and their eyes lit up!

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The deputy district chief, who was standing outside the transparent glass cover, saw this scene and almost vomited! This scene was too disgusting.

Even though he was mentally strong, he still felt nauseous!

Then he looked at Ning Yiyuan, who was standing at the side.

As expected of someone who had experienced great storms.

When he saw the bloody and disgusting scene, his expression was still calm!

His gaze turned slightly and landed on Mo Chu, who was beside him.

Although this little girls face was a little pale and she was obviously frightened, her courage was commendable.

Even though she looked like this, she still did not retreat!

Zhong Wen carefully placed the small white object into the sealed transparent box beside him.

Only then did he heave a sigh of relief!

After finishing the follow-up work for the surgery, they surrounded the box and stared at it! Through the High-magnification Detector, they realized that Mo Chus idea was indeed correct.

This small white object was actually tens of thousands of magical beasts! The number was simply astonishing!

In other words, the size of a demonic beast was very small, and it was impossible to distinguish it with the naked eye.

Moreover, the rate of reproduction and division of this demonic beast was also very fast.

With sufficient nutrients in the culture medium, in just a short second, it was able to rapidly divide into two generations! It was no wonder that the infectivity of this disease was so high!

“What on Earth is this thing” After looking at it for quite a while, Mo Chu still could not figure it out, and she could not help but frown deeply.

Zhong Wen and Shen Yi were also puzzled.

The number of demonic beasts in the Federation was more than ten million, and with the addition of mutated beasts, this number was even more.

“Is it possible… that its a Nutrient Bug” Ning Yiyuan stood by the side and listened.

Her eyes suddenly flashed as she asked in a deep voice.

Nutrient Bug

Mo Chu frowned in puzzlement.

What is this thing

Ning Yiyuan was not surprised by Mo Chus reaction.

After all, she was still young and had not come into contact with many things.

This Nutrient Bug was extremely rare and valuable!


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