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“Breaking news! I heard that the epidemic this time is very contagious.

Dont you think that if we cant control it and spread it to other regions, well be finished”

“This… I cant believe this! It shouldnt be true!”

“What do you mean Ive heard about it.

The higher-ups are already planning to close the area!”

“Really This is too exaggerated!”

“Exaggerated” Then, he posted a picture.

“Take a look for yourself.

This is a corpse that died from infection.

Tsk tsk, its too scary!”

The effect of the picture was still very shocking.

The netizens who had felt that the closure of the area was not very good immediately shut up.

“Lets see!” Looking at the increasingly one-sided comments on the Starnet, Qiao Shan nodded in satisfaction.

“We cant go against the peoples wishes.”

“Thats right.” Song Tiancheng nodded and a smile appeared on his face.

“Then Ill immediately make the arrangements.”


Very soon, the official announcement was made — In view of the epidemic situation in District 12, we have decided to temporarily close District 12 and implement the policy ofNo Entry and No Exit.

We hope that the general public can actively cooperate with us.

When this news was released, some people on the internet were relieved while others were worried.

All kinds of discussions emerged one after another.

Looking at the death statistics posted on the forum, Qiao Hongmei was very pleased.

The corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

Perhaps one of them was Mo Chu!

Tsk tsk! Speaking of which, it was quite a pity that such a good little girl was gone just like that! However, she could not blame anyone else.

Who asked her to be so blind

Qiao Hongmei raised her eyebrows, showing a hint of disdain and disgust.

She had provoked someone she should not have provoked.

Look, this was simply retribution, right

“What happened Why are you smiling so happily” The girl who was sitting next to Qiao Hongmei glanced at her and asked curiously.

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“Nothing.” Qiao Hongmei chuckled and closed the terminal.

“I just happened to see a joke!”

On the other side, when Mo Yang saw this news, his heart was thrown into chaos!

An epidemic

A major epidemic had suddenly occurred in District 12, and it was so serious that the district had to be sealed off

Little Chu was still inside!

When he thought of this, Mo Yangs face instantly sank!

One had to know that it had been a long time since the Federation had had such a large-scale epidemic.

The last time was more than 200 years ago, and the elders who had survived the epidemic still remembered that disaster vividly! Corpses littered the ground, and fresh blood soaked the ground.

It was as if his entire being was enveloped by a sense of despair and numbness, unable to break free at all!

At the thought that Little Chu would encounter this, and might even experience this personally, Mo Yangs heart throbbed with pain! He could not care about anything else and hurriedly ran out.

District 12, he had to hurry to District 12!

However, Mo Yang had just walked out of the classroom when he bumped into Qin Yue, and his eyes suddenly lit up!

Right now, District 12 had been sealed off.

Qin Yue might have a way to get in.

Through this period of contact, Mo Yang had a rough understanding of Qin Yues identity.

The Qin Family had a rather high status in the political arena.

It was very likely that Qin Yue would get first-hand information.

“Come here.” Pulling Qin Yue to the side, he pressed him firmly on the chair.

Mo Yang stared at him intently, his tone heavy, “What exactly is going on on the Starnet Why did the disease suddenly appear in District 12 Has the government really decided to seal off the district”

Questions were thrown out one after another, causing Qin Yue to feel dizzy.

“Umm…” Qin Yue had always been a person who could not lie.

Previously, when he received the news, he had been feeling uneasy.

Now, when he saw the unconcealable worry on Mo Yangs face, his heart trembled even more.

He might as well just say everything out loud.

“According to the information I received, District 12 has indeed suffered from an extremely terrifying epidemic!”


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