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“Owww–” Roundy stretched out its chubby claws, grabbed Mo Chus sleeve, and shook it.

It howled a few times in boredom.

It was so bored, so bored.

Why did the solo trip it had been looking forward to become like this

Not only was there no delicious food, there was also no warm hugs.

Little Chu was so busy that she did not even have time to pay attention to it.

It was really too miserable!

“Be good, dont mess around.” Mo Chu turned his head and patted Roundys head perfunctorily.

Then, she turned around and skillfully applied medicine to treat the patients wounds.

Ever since Ning Yiyuan said those encouraging words, everyone in District 12s fighting spirit and desire to live became stronger.

Even though their faces had all rotted and their bodies were trembling from the pain, they still did not give up.

The smile that bloomed from the pain had a different charm.

From that moment on, District 12 seemed to have become a big family, as if the life and death situation brought them together.

Ning Yiyuan was even busier.

Zhong Wen and Shen Yi led the medical team and spent the whole night doing research.

Only Mo Chu was left with nothing to do, so she simply ran to the Quarantine Center, she treated the ulcerated skin on the faces of the patients.

It only took half a day for her to turn from unfamiliar to practiced.

The Quarantine Centers atmosphere was much better now that a fresh and cute little girl had appeared out of nowhere.

“Little girl.” Mo Chu had just treated the ulcerated wound on an old ladys face when she was teased by the old lady.

“Marshal Ning is a good man.

You have to hold on to him tightly!”

The scene when Ning Yiyuan hugged Mo Chu tightly and said that he was her Guardian left a deep impression on everyone.

Naturally, they paid more attention to Mo Chu.

“Thats right.” Who said that gossip was a womans nature A mans gossip was much more powerful than a womans.

When an old man beside him heard this, he immediately became excited and nodded repeatedly at Mo Chu.

“Young Lady, this is serious.

Although Marshal Ning has just come of age not long ago, his character is very good! Ive never heard of any rumors about him.

You can be at ease when youre with him!”

“Mm.” Looking at the expectant faces across from him, Mo Chu pursed her lips.

She really could not describe the bitterness in her heart.

She was a perfectly fine underage girl.

Why was it so difficult to get away from Ning Yiyuan now

“Actually, we dont have that kind of relationship…” Mo Chu was interrupted before she could finish her explanation.

“Dont be shy.

This kind of thing is very normal.” The old grandma had an expression ofI understand as she smiled at Mo Chu.

“We get it.”

“Thats right!” The old grandpa also chimed in and smiled mischievously.

“Were not that kind of inflexible old fogey.

Although youre not an adult yet, its okay to settle down first.”

“No…” Hearing this, Mo Chu really did not know whether to laugh or cry.

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“Little Chu!” Suddenly, a familiar male voice sounded.

Mo Chu turned her head to look, puzzled, and found that it was actually Mo Yang!

Mo Chus heart was delighted at first, but when she looked at the surrounding environment, and she immediately frowned.

“Wait, dont come in first!”

It was the Quarantine Center.

She had a special constitution, and she was wearing anti-infection equipment, so she would not be infected.

However, Mo Yang might be infected!

Nodding at the old granny and the rest, Mo Chu directly rushed out, leaving Roundy behind.

Sob, sob, Little Chu forgot about her again!

“Brother, how did you come here Isnt the area sealed”

“Qin Yue found a way to get me in by blending in with the batch of people delivering supplies,” Mo Yang explained simply and looked at Mo Chu with concern.

“What about you Are you okay”


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