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“Of course not!” Mo Chu smiled as she spun around in front of Mo Yang.

“Look, Im alive and well.”

Mo Yang looked at her carefully, not even letting her hair go.

When he was sure that she was fine, he heaved a sigh of relief.

His anxious heart finally relaxed.

“Its good that youre fine.”

“Yes, dont worry.” Mo Chu nodded.

“Im fine.

You should hurry back!”

To be honest, no one could predict how the disease in District 12 would develop.

Would it be cured or would there be an outbreak Mo Chu was not willing to let Mo Yang take this risk here.

“I cant leave.” Mo Yangs lips curled up.

His handsome smile was as bright and clear as a spring.

The delivery team was very efficient.

Now that the supplies had arrived, they should have gone back home.

“What” Hearing this, Mo Chus expression could not help but change.

“You really cant leave”

“Yes!” Mo Yang nodded.

“Then you havent rested yet, right” Looking at the circles beneath her Big Brothers eyes, Mo Chu could not help but frown slightly.

“Come back with me and rest for a while.”

“Okay.” Mo Yang did not refuse.

Ever since he found out about the epidemic in District 12, he had not slept well.

Now that he saw Little Chu standing in front of him in one piece, his heart relaxed, and drowsiness surged.

Mo Chus house and Ning Yiyuans house were close to each other.

As soon as there was any movement, he would immediately notice it.

When Ning Yiyuan saw Mo Yangs figure, he could not help but raise his eyebrows.

Mo Yangs arrival was naturally within his expectations.

After all, with his sister-obsessed personality, how could he be at ease leaving Mo Chu alone in the District 12 However, this fellows speed was too fast! He still wanted to take this opportunity to spend more time alone with Mo Chu.

This time, it seemed like there was no hope.

Shaking his head helplessly, Ning Yiyuan walked back to the office in the room.

“Marshal Ning.” Upon seeing Ning Yiyuan walking over, the deputy district chief immediately handed over the list of materials that he had organized.

His brows were slightly knotted.

“The things that they sent back this time are…”

The list was not long.

Ning Yiyuan swept through it with a glance and his gaze suddenly darkened.

He snorted coldly.

“They really did a lot of dirty tricks.

Theyre getting extremely bold!”

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Exactly! Although there were a lot of supplies, the variety was uneven.

The most important medicine and food only accounted for one-third of the total.

The rest of the miscellaneous items were stuffed in.

“What should we do” There was not much food left in District 12.

The deputy district chief was quite happy when he knew the supplies were coming.

However, when he counted the items, his joy immediately faded.

“Alright, Ill find a way to solve this problem.” Ning Yiyuan took the list and asked another question, “By the way, have you compiled the statistics on the death rate for the past ten days”

“The statistics are out.

Take a look.” The deputy district chief finally smiled when he mentioned this.

“Due to the use of the Repulsion Vine to temporarily control the illness, the death rate for this period of time is much lower than before!”

Looking at the statistics table, Ning Yiyuans brows did not lift.

Thats right, the mortality rate had decreased, but the infection rate was still frighteningly high! It seemed that he had to urge Zhong Wen and the rest to pick up the pace.

“Alright, if theres nothing else, you can leave first.”


Just as the door was closed, Ning Yiyuans terminal rang.

His eyes darkened.

Ning Yiyuans hand slid slightly as he answered the call.

“Hello, how are you”

“Im very well.

How have you been recently” On the other end of the line was Song Tiancheng, the Old Fox.

“Marshal, you must be so very busy!”

Song Tianchengs calm probing had a hint of mockery in it.


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